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Quick-Hit: The Tax Man Cometh

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, we learn that Democrats slipped in a stealth provision in the ObamaCare bill that creates mountains of paperwork and new rules for individuals and businesses by expanding the use of 1099 forms.  This covers even Paypal and credit card transactions now – so, get ready to have yet more forms and hassles at tax time.

America could save billions upon billions by getting rid of all these forms and applying a flat tax to everyone, or eliminate the income tax and go to a national sales tax.  The IRS alone consumes billions just to run it the way our tax schemes run now.

Personally, I favor a flat income tax with certain personal exemptions plus a minimum 2% income tax paid by everyone for the first $35k to $50k per year, then a few exemptions for healthcare and interest payments paid on the primary residence, for instance.

See you on the battlefield.


Left-leaners Lie About The Tea Party Movement

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Is lying now a national pastime and virtue? 

If you know the truth and you listen to leftists and Democrats, you’ll see that whether they are politicians, pundits or simply a “man on the street” the lies and caricatures promoted by the HATEFUL LEFT are founded upon allegations and urban legends.

Did I say “hateful left?”  I sure did.  Why would I say this?  America has witnessed this small faction of American political thought pump out the most outrageous vile charges against Bush, conservatives and Tea Party members.   For examples read more:  HERE  /  HERE  /  HERE

What sort of charges and rhetoric?  Nazis, racists, “evil mongers” (Harry Reid), violent radicals, dangerous ideas, threats to our nation and other hate-inspiring messages – that’s why the leftists/progressives are hateful… they hate any ideas or people who dare oppose them.  In fact, I would say that these same leftists are more prone to violence and bringing harm upon their opponents than conservatives are. 

Where is the evidence for these charges against conservatives?  ANSWER:  It is nowhere to be found, yet. 

But, leftists have confirmed they will try to create it, on their own.  Thus, we are sure to see leftist individuals try to infiltrate conservative groups and tea party activities in order to taint these same groups and CREATE FALSE EVIDENCE that leftwing charges against conservative groups are factual.  I am NOW seeing such behavior on various websites, chat forums and in comments left by “readers” of online newspapers.   Read more HERE and HERE.

What astonishes me the most is, when I encounter people in person and on other websites where comments can be traded, I see that some actually believe the hype against conservatives simply because some “source” like DailyKos says so.

Leftists know they have no logical arguments to stand on.  They know their ideas are bankrupting this nation, but they do not care, which I think makes leftists far more dangerous to our Constitution and this nation.  These people are willing to mortgage our future and sell out to fantasy ideas of utopia and government freebies to satisfy their own wants and needs at the expense of the producers in American society.

So, when you hear things like “50% of Americans think they are taxed about right,” consider that 47% of Americans dont pay any federal taxes at all, and that the additional 3% of people reporting taxes are “about right” are on the lowest end of the tax rates.  So, naturally this 50% of America is going to give a thumbs-up to current tax rates.  They pay nothing or next to nothing in the first place.

Furthermore, as America listens to the caterwauling of the Democrats and leftists about this “taxes just right scam story,” we also see that more Americans than ever now say they dont trust government – what gives?   LINK

Please, think about what is best for our Constitution and national future instead of your own momentary needs and wants.  Obama and Democrats are willing to try anything to sell America on what they have to offer, but what this group of miscreants wont tell you is that their ideas have failed the world over and lead to mediocrity and shared misery when all is said and done.

See you on the battlefield.

The REAL COSTS of ObamaCare

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Next Stop: State & National Bankruptcy!

Folks, the real cost of ObamaCare is coming… but it is already being felt.  Everyone I know is paying more taxes this year than they did last year.  What has changed?  I still dont have a clear answer on that or what laws have changed to deny people the returns they’ve had in the past.

In a nutshell, here’s what is coming:

* Higher state taxes to pay for the Fed mandates on the states to cover Medicaid 
* Higher FICA taxes on the more wealthy, but rest assured everyone will feel it
* Lower deductions for out-of-pocket medical expenses
* $500 BILLION cut in Medicare (Yes, elderly care will be rationed)
* New investment taxes (which will impact job creation and business starts)
* Higher capital gains & dividends taxes
* Restrictions on healthcare savings accounts (what can be purchased, amounts & etc)
* New limits on employer provided spending accounts (pays co-pays, medicines etc)
* New taxes on everything from tanning salons, to wheel chairs, medical devices and etc

Hail Caesar Obama!

Read more HERE, paying particular attention to the links in the body of the article; and still more HERE.

The intangible cost for America is in our national honor in how we “do” politics and what values are important to our political processes. 

What we witnessed with Pelosi and Reid was an unparalleled demonstration of Chicago-style politics, bribes and Obama bleating to Democrats about protecting his legacy and success.  As such, we have now formally entered into the age of Self-Serving Politics in clear and distinct terms.   Obama has no care for America’s future, but he certainly cares about his legacy and having his ideology forced upon The People whether we want these values and programs or not.  

Democrats believe they know what is best for you, which is the ultimate demonstration of hubris and egotism that I’ve seen in my 45 years on this Earth. 

RECOMMENDATION:  Call your broker instead of Washington and change your investments and 401k’s to move shares OUT OF (i.e. sell off) govt bonds, Goldman Sachs, GE, Microsoft, GM,  UPS and etc. and move those funds to anti-Obama/Dem investments. 

Dont forget what the Demorats have done to America in their quest to re-make this nation into AmeriKa, aka the United Socialist States of America.