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Government Bailout & Seizure Of American Journalism?

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Folks, let’s face it, the last 10 days or so has seen quite a bit of rotten news and ever more dangerous ideas emanating from President Obama and the Democrats.  I have been so stunned by these developments (this topic, including the idea that Obama take over BP, for instance) that I have found it difficult to focus on any single item for my writings here. 

Instead, I have been working on a variety of topics that I will publish in the coming weeks, which I hope will bring readers some new intellectual challenge and present a fresh perspective on issues of the day.

So, with that in mind let us consider the now heretofore poisonous concept of our federal government taking over journalism as proposed by the Federal Trade Commission.  Now, keep in mind that this isnt the blatant goal of these proposals but that will be the outcome of these ideas in the long run as government seeks to implement the “Fairness Doctrine” by fiat in an effort to “save” journalism.

How will these government bureucrats accomplish the implementation of the “Fairness Doctrine” and ultimately take over journalism by default?

For the answer to this, we must harken back to what President Obama said during his 2008 campaign… redistribute wealth through the tax code to fund the underdogs by taking money from those news agencies who are successful and giving it to those who are not (i.e. those who cannot compete).   Now, zoom past 2008 & Obama’s rhetoric and stare back down the annals of history – what you will see are government attempts to control information and what ideas “The People” are allowed to see.  The USSR did it.   China does this.  North Korea does this.  Middle Eastern nations do it.  Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and their friends in various marxist-leaning nations in South America are also doing it.  In fact, any government that is afraid for itself and its survival at the hands of an informed citizenry does exactly what these nations have done and are now doing to their people.

And, wherever this government control of information and ideas is perpetrated we find tyranny and corruption to be alive and actually thriving.

Ultimately, what you will see are millions of faceless individuals who were (and are) enslaved by these supposed governmental benefactors of society, who also pretend to be perveyors of good will and so-called guarantors of equality all in the name of democracy.  

But which democracy, I wonder?   What version of democracy – one that is based on mob rule and supposed “popular vote” and the all-to-frequent ignoring of the will of The People when social justice or “good intentions” are the motivations for overruling the “ruled?”

Ladies & Gentlemen, Obama and his merry band of “do-gooders” are simply ignorant in their collective quest to create a fantasy utopia here in America, or these people are true believers in neo-marxist ideals and philosophy who are so sold out to their goals that they have been blinded to the lessons of history and good common sense.

Thus, I give you the following LINK about this issue as a call to action and to raise awareness so that you can fight to make your voice heard in an era of run-away government and freakish national self-destruction that Democrats appear to be dedicated to.   To that end I present you a quote from the foregoing link:

The conflict of interest in having the government pay or contribute to a newsman’s salary could not be more obvious. Reporters and columnists would have little incentive to offer critical analyses of tax increases that might mean a boost in the pocketbook. Once Congress has the power to fund the news, it can at any time attach “strings” designed to promote certain viewpoints – in the name of fairness, of course. Each year at budget time, the Fourth Estate would scramble to be worthy in the eyes of Capitol Hill for increased support. It is hardly a surprise that the heavily subsidized National Public Radio frequently presents issues in a way favorable to Washington’s tax-and-spend agenda.

Stay sharp, stay alert and I will see you on the battle field.


Socialism Crashing Down – In Europe

May 23, 2010 Leave a comment

In case some Americans have trouble focusing on current events in Europe and the evolving debt crisis brought about by Europe’s socialist benefits-heavy society, the entire house of cards is coming down. 

This is an important lesson for Americans, especially so-called progressives who think utopia can be had on the public dime – read all about it HERE.

Keep your powder dry & I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Quick-hit: ObamaCare Fails – In Europe

May 14, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who have followed the news recently, the federal government has reported its 19th straight month of deficits and tells America the deficit is 4X the 2009 figures.  When will America see budgetary responsibility from Obama and Democrats?

As a backdrop to this blog entry headline, evidence continues pouring in about the dangers and unsustainability of socialized medicine and bloated nanny-state government spending and efforts at societal control.   Here’s the kick-off list:

– Obama is AGAIN bailing out someone…  teachers this time, using funds in an “off the books” maneuver to keep bloated education districts and teachers unions flush with cash;

– Hugo Chavez, Prez of Venezuala, is giving the world a lesson in the ultimate failure of socialism despite his nation’s large oil reserves;

A 2005 US Intelligence Report warned that Europe would experience its current economic demise and needed to drastically cut back social spending.

– The real debt picture and how much the US needs to cut its deficits – the reality isnt pretty!

Now, the world is being exposed to the truth about the failure of the welfare state and we are now being treated to a preview of what awaits America should ObamaCare become firmly entrenched in our entitlement system.

Greece is now the first to be told it must downsize its programs AND PRIVATIZE its healthcare system in order to receive bailout funds from the EU.  The evidence is stacking up and it can no longer be denied that utopian promises of societal bliss are false promises indeed.  With our own Constitution, the government provision of healthcare, retirement and other optional “wants” are in fact very far outside the limited powers delineated in our Constitution.

See you on the battlefield.

The Myth Of Social Justice In America

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

The phrase “social justice” has been bandied about recently by Obama and the Democrats in Congress who think this phrase is a trump card over rationality and believe it is some magical key to over-ruling the Constitution.

In looking at this seemingly innocuous phrase, it is clear that the roots of its’ meaning are conclusively tied to two movements:  Marxism/Progressivism/Socialism and the Liberation Theology of Christianity.

Upon closer examination of the Marxist-Progressive-Socialist movement, we discover that the “social justice” ideology requires government to guarantee outcomes rather than protect every citizens right to the opportunity to better themselves economically, socially and politically.  This means, everyone achieves the same life and the same economic results so that social justice (experience-wise) is achieved for all people, which means that the differences in a utopian homogenious society are minimal for the most part. 

This is straight from the Communist Manefesto – progressive Democrats and RINO’s subscribe to this sort of thinking.

In practical terms, as evidenced by Russia and other socialist nations the true outcome of such a scheme is that there is a political class and then everyone else who are subject to that political class.  We are dangerously close to this already.

I thought the idea of America was to prevent our citizenry from being subjects (serfs, slaves etc) to anyone so that we could live free, choose to work hard and find success on our own terms and do what we wish with our lives, our wealth & property.  I thought individualism in America was a key value, with no requirement that anyone conform to cultural morays in appearance, achievement, dreams and the end results.  I thought America valued independence and having everyone be unique in abilities, desires and outcomes – a key element which has made America so strong in the past.

These aforementioned values and the shared history and legacy of the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution including the manner of and reasons for our founding were once things that unified this previously-great nation into a diverse yet single People.

Under the Democrat heel of legislative tyranny and “we know better than you do” progressive ideologies of our Demothug Rulers, group/identity politics and a host of other devisive political activities of the Leftist Demothugs are tearing this nation apart, culturally and economically. 

Nowhere in our Constitution is our central government given the power to carry out social justice, let alone require people to purchase a service or product as a consequence of citizenship.  The Democrats have ignored the public and they have ignored the Constitution, and I am at a loss as to how they can think this behavior (selling votes, horse trading, secret deal-making and etc)  is honorable and protects the Constitution they swore to defend.

Social justice falls within the realm of Churches and social groups, not the federal government or their bureaucratic lackeys.

If you want social justice for yourself or others, stop expecting the Feds to do this unconstitutional act for you.  Instead, go out and do it yourself and keep your laws off my choices, my property, my opportunities and my career.  Social justice is something the Federal Govt was never mandated to deal with, and wisely was kept from doing so for many many years until progressives came on the scene starting with education and then spreading their vile marxist values into other public arenas.

Government-instituted social justice is not just at all.  The losers are clear:  freedom, autonomy,  individuality, choice, economic opportunity, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and social unity because such government-instituted “justice” requires theft from those that have in order to give to those that have little.

I am stunned at the number of Christians who believe government should be carrying out social justice.  Apparently, they dont realize that they are mixing theological understandings in with Marxist-Progressive-Socialist ideals to come up with a world view that  paves the way for Government Tyranny.  Personally, I think such a theological view leads to a surrendering of each Believer’s responsibility to enact social justice in their own spheres of influence.  In short, I see this as a cop-out and an abandonment of that responsibility as a very personal level.

See you on the battlefield.

What’s Next For The Demo-tyrants?

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Obama and Demorats have made their deals, horse-traded votes and gotten “goodies” to seal their ObamaCare scam for AmeriKa, sealing our fate to become a socialist nation complete with high taxes, rationed care and an eventual federal takeover IF CERTAIN PROVISIONS ARE ALLOWED TO SURVIVE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGES.

The Distress Signal Is Given

Will the nation change tomorrow?  No.  Will we sink into an abyss next week?  No.

What is coming will take some time to actually be felt and experienced – starting with an economic slip (or crash) brought on by higher taxes and other government regulations.  But the real impact wont be felt until 2014 when the programs start to be implemented and after the massive bureaucracy associated with ObamaCare has taken form and beings its “work.”

This means 159 new agencies will be developed, staffed and empowered to impact your life.  How’s that for control and meddling in your life?  LINK

The next new fight will be over immigration reform, which Democrats hope to benefit from by making instant citizens of millions of illegal immigrants whom the DNC hopes will be a supplemental voting block for the Demorats in 2012 and beyond. 

The Reno Gazette Journal has already printed a PUFF-PIECE basically promoting the idea, contrary to the sentiments of a vast majority of Americans who are in opposition to it.  LINK

You see, the Demorats have no intention of letting their ObamaCare “victory” get quashed so they intend to bolster their supporters by millions through unconscionable efforts to pass amnesty.  The Demorats hope to be viewed as “saviors” of illegal immigrants who they believe will become life long Democrat Party members.

This will be the next battle, with a concurrent battle to be fought on Global Warming legislation, known as Cap and Trade (aka Cap and Tax).  This effort will include a very focused effort to drastically cut our military because Demorats believe America has been unjust and imperialistic rather than a protector of freedom and the free world.

It is likely the Demorats will succeed in these efforts as well, as they drive themselves over the cliff of reason and into the abyss of hellish relativism and self-congratulatory bliss.  The “gift” to America will be more social division, less freedom and less individual opportunity for success & the attainment of wealth and a better life. 

The Democrat Party has demonstrated it has no intention of listening to voters and they believe The People will develop amnesia as the public has historically done, in order to snatch victory in 2010 and 2012.

Will you forget what the Demorats have done to this nation and will you forget how they ignore the will of The People to force their utopian dream upon America?

I hope not.