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Our Failure-in-Chief, aka Jimmy Carter Redux

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

“[A] wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” –Thomas Jefferson

The more news I read, the more cynical and angry that I get as the “gushing” (i.e. constant & frequent) stories of scandal and mismanagement by the Obama Administration pass before my eyes each day.   Democrats seem to think that their malfeasance with taxpayer money and their ongoing rush to expand government to create their socialist utopia is being ignored by The People of America, with only a so-called fringe of agitators continuing to remain critical of Obama and his merry band of utopian socialists. 

Can we get any more Orwellian?  I think the answer is “yes” – Obama’s Labor Chief thinks ILLEGALS have a right fair wages… my question is, why do leftists assume illegals have any rights at all in America?

Let me be clear about something.  Obama and the Democrats are GROUP POLITICS THINKERS and PLANNERS.  They dont care about any individual rights or suffering that YOU may be experiencing, so long as they “hope” that their constituent groups and body politick as a whole may or may not gain some benefit from their ideas, policies and choices.

These people bank on good intentions being enough to carry their agenda forward and insulate them from criticism, regardless of any consequences or failures in their ideas, policies and choices.  This level of immaturity and blindness is stunning and should be deeply disturbing to The People who are (and will be) tormented by the Obama Administration and the Democrats through legislation, ongoing unemployment, confiscation of wealth, yet-to-be-experienced inflation, a troubled healthcare system and a myriad of other issues yet to be fully seen and felt.

And, I think the worst is yet to come and when it does, will American’s blame government intervention, utopian goals and the Democrats (including RINO’s Repubs) for what has happened?  I sure hope so, because that is exactly where the blame will rest – on them.

Here are just a few of the latest headlines that indicate how badly Obama and Democrats are managing America’s business and indicate what Americans must suffer with in the years ahead until Obama and his fellow Democrats are removed from power:

– New Rules Could Make Your Current Healthcare Plan Lose Its Grandfathered Status, Thus Pushing You Into The Government Program Starting In 2013  (READ HEREDidn’t Obama say, “If you like your current plan, you can keep it…?”

– The DISCLOSE ACT would make organizations (and individuals) subject to fines and other actions by the FEC for making political statements for or against candidates, issues and etc.  (READ MORE HERE)  So, what happened to free speech and why are Democrats so intent on curbing free speech, including protect UNIONS from this laws restrictions?

– Trouble For The Dollar:  Russia Pushes For New Reserve Currency (READ HERE).  More and more nations are seeing the weakness and vulnerability of the dollar due to high US debt and unbridled government spending that threatens to take America down the same troubled path the Euro and European Union are facing.

– Obama And His Cronies Want To Exert Absolute Control Over The Internet And Give Obama An Instant Shut-off Capability “Just In Case” Something Happens, Using Antiquated 1930s Laws Which Will Treat ISPs As “Utilities.”  (READ HERE)  This is a recipe for abuse and tyranny, folks.

– In A Day Of Spending Madness In Washington Accompanied By Massive Debt And Budget Deficits, Obama Is Spending $1.2 BILLION On Bike Paths And Walking Trails (READ HERE)

– Government Has Spread Like A Cancer, Making Things Worse Economically And Socially Around The World (READ HERE)

– New Jobless Claims Rise Sharply Even As Layoffs Persist (READ HERE)

– Rep. Barton Was Correct.  Obama DID Shake Down BP For $20 BILLION, Jesse Jackson Style (READ HERE)

– Nevada Has The Highest Unemployment In The Nation At 14%, While Senator Harry Reid Continues To Make The Absurd Claim That He Is The Correct Choice For Voters Next November (READ HERE)

– Obama Is In Danger Of Becoming The Jimmy Carter Of The 21st Century Due To His Idealism And Pushing That Idealistic Agenda During Crisis Or Upset (READ HERE), Which Is Simply A Nice Way Of Saying Obama And Democrats Are Willing To Take Advantage Of Americans At Every Opportunity

– LESSON FOR AMERICA:  Europe To Urge Exit From Spend-Happy Failing “Stimulus” Programs (READ HERE)

– BP Oil Spill:  Obama & Lefts Latest Excuse To Keeping Pressing GloBULL Warming Agenda (READ HERE), despite growing body of evidence of drops in overall temperatures worldwide.

– The Danger Of Unions… Benefit Costs Break City, County, State and Federal Budgets (READ HERE)

– Obama’s 2010 Summer Of Endless Spending Is Now Upon Us (READ HERE)

– Greenspan Rightly Indicates America Will Soon Reach Its Borrowing Limit (READ HERE), So What Will Happen Then?  Use Your Imagination & It Just Might Be Possible With Obama & His Band At The Helm….

– Get Ready For $7 A Gallon Gas If Obama Gets His Way (READ HERE), And No, Obama Does Not Care About The Pain It Will Cause You And This Nation… Same Goes For Pelosi, Reid And The Democrat Party… They Just Dont Care Because Its Ideology And Policy Over Consequences To Individuals

– The EPA Is Harming Border Security (READ HERE)

– Obama’s Census:  Permanent Jobs From Temporary Jobs… Tricks To Fool The Public (READ HERE)

– The Biggest Bailout Yet:  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Bailout Could Cost $1 TRILLION (READ HERE)

– Democrat Congressman Assaults A Student (SEE IT HERE)

– Obama Refused Foreign Help For Cleaning Up The Gulf Oil Spill (or at least delayed acceptance until it was too late) (READ HERE)

– Obama Snubs Rule Of Law To Extort $20 BILLION From BP For “Gubmint Controlled” Fund (READ HERE)

– Myths About The So-Called Teacher Layoff Crisis… Another Fiction Perp’d By The Left (READ HERE)

The stream of bad news is staggering, folks.  The consequences of this bad news and what it means for this Republic and our national future is also staggering if we do not elect the right people to fix what the Democrats have broken.  Meanwhile, America forgets that FDR’s policies prolonged the Great Depression which brings me to my final point.

I have written on the underlying causes of our current economic malaise – the roots of which started with Jimmy Carter’s “Community Reinvestment Act” and was expanded under Clinton, ignored by the GOP in 2005/06, brushed aside by Dems in 2007 and completely ignored by the press since 2008.  At the root of it all lies the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6) which no one is talking about these days.  All the while, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd said all was well with Fannie & Freddie, including the Democrats covering up the problems before Barney made a fool of himself (read here) even though they (GOP included) were warned about the issue by Bush since 2001.

The left wants America to blame Bush and the GOP for what has happened.  Certainly the GOP shares blame, but the Democrats bear the largest share of the blame due to their defunct programs, corrupt policies and ongoing stonewalling to fix the underlying problems with Fannie and Freddie.  To wit, I leave you with this quote:

“We’re not satisfied with everything we’ve done (in Congress).  The way to cure that is to give us more authority (power) and more ability (ignore the rule of law & common sense).”  — Rep. Barney Frank (D)

We are in trouble, folks – vote next November and kick the bums out in favor of candidates who will uphold the rule of law and honor our Constitution.

See you on the battlefield.


Disturbing News & Happenings – National and International

May 14, 2010 Leave a comment

National and international happenings once again have demanded some coverage and commentary, starting with the mounting evidence that Elana Kagan IS NOT the best candidate for replacing out-going Justice Stevens.  In the latest developments, we see that Kagan is not a 2nd Amendment fan when she told Justice Thurgood Marshall that she was not sympathetic to the claim that the District of Columbia’s gun ban was an infringement upon the 2nd Amendment.

As more evidence mounts that Kagan is not the best nonimation Obama could come up with, we also hear from the Los Angeles Times that Kagan’s entry to SCOTUS would not be a boon for the Court’s intellectual and educational diversity, as her membership would mean only Harvard and Yale graduates wear the SCOTUS robes.   The Los Angeles Times accurately surmises that this brings a potential level of bias to the Court that would be unprecedented and possibly damaging for future rulings.

I dont need to mention that Kagan is also a fellow Chicago-ite of Obama’s.  The connections and web of power being weaved by the Obama Administration is becoming more disturbing by the day.

In other news, we see that an Iranian-American has been targeted by Iran after issuing an arrest warrant for terrorism against Shahram Homayoun due to his pro-democracy programming aimed at his Iranian homeland.  INTERPOL has picked up the warrant and a subsequent report appeared at his banking institution, who then closed his bank accounts while our beloved US Government and the Obama Administration sit silently by doing nothing to stop this draconian proxy attack upon Mr. Homayoun.

Oh No Arizona!  We have all heard about Obama’s attacks upon Arizona’s recent immigration law which seeks to do what the federal government wont – enforce federal law.  Now, Eric Holder our esteemed poser-Attorney General admits he has not even read the law, while also critizing the law last month as subject to abuse and malfeasance.  I find it interesting that these left-wing nutbags like Holder, Obama & fellow Democrats and so-called immigrant rights groups (read: illegal immigrant protectors and supporters) are so eager to speak badly of laws they have not read and denigrate people they know nothing about.  Even more amazing is, Mexico’s president clearly has no clue about how America works as evidenced in his complaints to Obama about Arizona’s lawClue to Calderon:  Obama, as much as he may want to be a dictator, cannot act like a dictator and tell states what to do – deal with it, pal.

*** NEW INFO – Ethnic studies leads to racial radicalism HERE

From the Astonishing Files, Americans have now been treated to withnessing Libya attain a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council.  What makes this so stunning is, Libya has a well documented history of human rights abuses and ties to terrorism around the world.  What’s even more stupifying is, Obama says nothing about these continued abbrogations of the UN when he should be stopping this idiocy, even to the point of pulling US funding from the UN.  But, with this specific council’s record of ongoing resolutions against Israel, I am not surprised that Obama remains silent on the matter… he didnt have the “stones” to rebuke Iran’s bombastic president when he was here during another UN meeting a few weeks ago.

The Tax Man Cometh:  As I have predicted, Americans should now start bracing themselves for Obama to break his “no new taxes” pledge as evidenced by Peter Orszag, White House Budget Director, during a Manhattan Breakfast where he said that his boss’s no-new-taxes pledge is a “preference” and “stance” that is subject to modification by Obama’s newly formed Commission on Fiscal Responsibility.  On the plus side, this means that Democrats can be slammed for recanting on their no-new-taxes pledge as promised by Obama, just in time for the mid-term elections.

On the war front, I thought America was at war with terrorists such as al Qaida and the Taliban.  In a strange change of policy, Obama is now going to make nice with the Taliban in order to unite Afghanistan and try to end 9 years of violence.   Did I miss something here?   Has the Taliban made reparations for killing US troops, perpetrating violence or the damage caused by their international drug trade in opium?   I dont know what fantasy books Obama is reading, but for those of us in the real world there is no way a culture of violence can be reasoned with and subdued through weak-kneed diplomacy.  Stay tuned for increased violence and egg on Obama’s face as this latest peacenik overture fails to bring about the desired results.

In Left-Coast News, we see that Chief Executive magazine has called California the Venezuala of North America (full report) due to its dismal growth, attrocious business environment, high tax rates, behemoth sized government, out of control spending, high unemployment and an endless litany of stikes against this once prosperous state.  What happened?  The answer is simple – government expansion and regulation happened.   Government spending has crushed California and ended its reign as a superpower amongst economies the world over, surrendering this vaunted position to Texas where 70% of all US jobs have been created since 2008.

From the Absurdity Files, the fake outrage and attacks on Arizona continue unabated because it dared to move against illegal immigration and do what the federal government has refused to do – stop illegal immigration within its borders.  First in the list of absurd responses is an Illinois (the Highland Park High School) school that refuses to send its varsity womens basketball team to Arizona in retaliation for that state passing immigration enforcement laws.  They claim it’s due to safety fears, but any thinking individual can see what a farce that claim is.  UC Berkeley students added their self-indulgent “weight” to the Shame-Arizona-Effort with their hunger strike, while a group of Jewish contend that comparing Arizona to Nazi Germany is wrong

From our Too Important To Forget Files, we learn that the Soviet era archives remain largely untouched (some can be found HERE) by academics, historians and politicians the world over.  The reason this is so important is, American leftists who have taken over the Democrat Party are hell-bent upon pushing the United States towards the very ideals that are responsible for murdering more than150 million people and enslaving many more hundreds of millions in Europe, South America and billions in China and elsewhere.  American Democrat Leftists are actively pushing America to adopt the very same programs, ideals and government mechinations that are driving Europe into bankruptcy.  This is fact, ladies and gentlemen – this conclusion cannot be disputed any longer.  (Additional Info:  Portugal’s austerity tax, GOP bill to prevent Euro bailout, Jobs becoming a problem for Dems, Billboard petitions Obama for a job, Some jobs wont be coming back – Thanks Obama & Dems)

Keep your powder dry – see you on the battlefield.