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Immigration Quick-Hit: Obama Tries To Block Arizona’s New Immigration Law

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In a stunning move by the Obama Administration, ICE is saying they will not accept / process illegals brought to them by state authorities in Arizona.

In short, Obama is telling America “we wont do our job anymore” if you dare do something we dont like.

So, what will Arizona do?  I think they should set up their own deportation system and kick the illegals back into Mexico instead of playing games with the Feds and catering to their lack of desire to DO THEIR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, this is simply more evidence that Obama and his lefty demogogues in the Federal Govt need to be exited from politics altogether, starting this November.  I’m sick of these games and I hope you are too.

See you on the battlefield.


ObamaCare Warning Coming True…

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I said it months before and since, that ObamaCare would not deliver what was promised (lower costs, you keep your insurance and etc) and now the evidence is rolling in that I and others have been right all along.

No, You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan – Insurers and doctors are already consolidating their businesses in the wake of ObamaCare’s passage.

QUOTE FROM THE WSJ ARTICLE ABOVE:  One of the few remaining ways to manage expenses is to reduce the actual cost of the products. In health care, this means pushing providers to accept lower fees and reduce their use of costly services like radiology or other diagnostic testing.

To implement this strategy, companies need to be able to exert more control over doctors. So insurers are trying to buy up medical clinics and doctor practices. Where they can’t own providers outright, they’ll maintain smaller “networks” of physicians that they will contract with so they can manage doctors more closely. That means even fewer choices for beneficiaries. Insurers hope that owning providers will enable health policies to offset the cost of the new regulations.

NOTE:  Can you say “rationing of medical care” and  “death panels, without death panels” anyone?

New Trend, Starting In Texas… Texas docs opting out of medicare at alarming rates, threatening healthcare for seniors – coming to a state near you.

Obama’s Health Czar repeats false claims of lower healthcare costs despite government report that says otherwise…

I’ve said before that the true costs of ObamaCare would likely mirror Medicare’s cost overruns, which have been nearly TEN TIMES what advocates of Medicate predicted at the time of debate & passage.

Watch your wallets folks – this is going to get worse before it gets better IF WE DO NOT get rid of Leftist/Progressive Democrats and RINO Republicans who will cave in to Democrat demands to join their cause.

See you on the battlefield.

Another Warning About US Debt & Entitlements

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Breaking News HERE  5/20/10

Folks, this is yet another warning about America’s looming fiscal crisis, which if unattended, will lead to drastic measures like Greece’s austerity measures and perhaps more painful reactions.  I have been saying this and now more and more people are saying it.

We have time – but that window is closing.

“We better get started,” the 82-year-old former central banker said in a speech yesterday in Stanford, California. “Today’s concerns may soon become tomorrow’s existential crises.”

From the rest of the article, I think Volcker is white-washing the true nature of the problem due to who he is advising (Obama) and not wanting to create a panic.  Why not create a panic?  Speaking softly about this issue now will not change anyone’s mind about it until it’s too late.

See you on the battlefield.

Immigration: The Lies Obama & The Leftwing Tell

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IMPORTANT BACKGROUND PRIMER:  Please READ THIS BEFORE and then READ THIS (Mexican Law on Immigration) before proceeding on to the rest of this article.

Mexico’s President Gets A Standing Ovation From Dems For Criticizing The United States

In my view, common sense has been heaved overboard by the Left/Progressives in order to attack Arizona’s recently passed, and amended, immigration law which is essentially a restatement of current federal law applied at the state level.  The law DOES NOT establish racist policies and police are required to follow “lawful stop” procedures and check immigration as part of normal police investigations and activities.

That’s the bottomline truth of the matter, so here is something else to consider.

Let’s assume that Sweden was our southern neighbor and that they have the exact same issues as Mexico, including a flood of ILLEGAL immigrants pouring over our borders into the United States.  Let’s further assume that we Americans are mostly “brown skinned” and that we are having the same problems with illegal Swedes sucking up tax dollars by rushing public services, taking advantage of our healthcare system and getting their children educated for free.

– Would we be looking for brown skinned people in order to fix our illegal immigrant problem?

– Do illegals have the same civil rights as American citizens?

– Is it illegal to ask for citizenship papers from anyone in America?

The answer to all three questions above is a resounding NO.  We would be looking for white skinned Swedes who cannot speak the language or cannot do so very well, we would not be seeking to protect Swedes from deportation or police contact and we would be asking “white skinned” individuals for their citizenship status during lawful police stops.

Is this racial profiling?  Maybe… assuming police are driving around ONLY looking for white skinned people to stop and question, while ignoring brown skinned people entirely.

Is it racial descrimination?  Maybe… assuming white skinned people are THE ONLY people pulled over during traffic stops, questioned on the street and/or focused on for crime prevention of all types to the EXCLUSION of all brown people.

Our police do not operate this way, ladies and gentlemen.

The Arizona law has provisions in it to protect civil rights and it is in compliance with federal law on immigration including the requirement that green card holders, visitors with temporary visas and etc carry those papers on their person at all times.   Carrying these papers is federal law for these visitors and immigrants and Arizona is mirroring federal law on these matters.

So, why the big deal and false charges by Obama, Calderon (Mexico’s Prez) and other leftwingers in America?   The real question is, what are the unspoken assumptions behind the false charges, lies, distortions and fake worry about civil rights by leftwingers.

– The DNC, through Obama & his cronies, is positioning itself for amnesty via all the rhetoric which they assume will mean most if not all of those illegals will become Democrat voters out of gratitude;

– The DNC assumes hispanic immigrants will be receivers of welfare and other entitlements, and will be afraid to lose those entitlements should the GOP gain power again;

– In looking at the voting numbers alone, a few million more democrat voters will make the difference; first in presidential elections and later as gerrymandering is perfected, for Congress to ensure that Democrats stay in power.  Thus, it is a numbers game for the DNC in their pursuit of power at all costs.

The GOP certainly is not pandering to the illegal crowd, but we also have to ask, would the GOP be above a similar move if things became dire enough?  Personally, I think the Establishment GOP would be as likely to do as the Democrats are now doing for the very same reasons – to stay in power.  The methodoligy and justifications would be different perhaps, but the ultimate goal would be the same – power, power, power.

What these people dont take into consideration is that by admitting so many people who have not abandoned allegiance to their home nation(s), who have zero knowledge of US customs or History and who have no real allegiance to our values of freedom, constitutional government and etc, we are essentially inviting a massive cultural shift to occur in America like what Europe is facing now.   We will be allowing these people to vote and shape our politics, all without any requirement that they pledge allegiance to America and hold the same basic values and appreciation for our constitutional government.  Thus, we will be inviting a sea-change to our nation in ways that our short-sighted leftwing zealots in the Democrat Party refuse to admit will happen.  And it WILL HAPPEN.

As of now, the DNC and Obama are the ones pandering to illegals and seeking to harm America with their amnesty push and lack of enforcement of our current laws.   So, they deserve our focus and outrage for violating our laws through innaction and blatant rhetoric designed to protect illegals for their own political gain – and if the GOP were doing this, I would be saying the exact same things.

SO, today we are treated with a variety of crazy stories about immigration and leftist’s efforts to shame Arizona about their immigration law and application of federal law at the state and local level.

Obama and Mexico’s Pres, Calderon attack Arizona  more VIDEO HERE.

Calderon has the nerve to tell us “Mexican citizens will be treated like criminals” in America under Arizona’s law, when Mexico does that to EVERY visitor to that nation now.  Amazing hypocrisy!

An Ohio city mayor bans city employee travel to Arizona

Illegal immigrant crossing numbers increate in Arizona

Arizona threatens Los Angeles with cutting off electricity over LA’s boycott

Barry Obama tells Calderon America “is not defined by our borders,” even though all nations are defined by their borders…

Fans ejected from basketball game due to pro-Arizona immigration law shirts being worn… yes, they were allowed to return after being harassed.

UC Berkely students went on a hunger strike, lied about “immigrants groups being under attack” and claimed they’d won something –  maybe they did, but that isnt saying anything good about them…

The fact of the matter is, recent Pew and Rassmussen polls show that the vast majority of Americans favor what Arizona is doing.  Yet, the leftwing zealots get all the press coverage from a complicit press corps intent upon backing their favored DNC buddies in Washington.

The truth is, the Democrats are willing to sacrifice America’s future on the altar of power by USING illegals to cement that power, thereby ensuring that a cultural shift will occur in America in the near future that will benefit them.  The problem is, America will then be on the road to becoming an entirely different nation because the values, allegiances and personal histories of those new voters will be far different than those of the current citizenry.

What type of future nation will America be under this regime, you ask?  Look at Venezuala and other Central and South American nations who are embracing marxism/socialism of various flavors.   These illegals are ripe for being lied and and catered to by the Leftists/Progressives here in America, who have more in common with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez than they do with America’s Founders.

Please think about this.

On a brighter note, Costa Mesa, California has declared illegals are not welcome in their city.  At least someone has some common sense.

And, a recently exposed legal memo/opinion from 2002 casts serious doubt upon Obama’s supposed legal challenge to Arizona’s newly minted immigration law.  It’s amusing how lefties have howled and promoted lies about Arizona’s law and how easily their wild-eyed claims and threats are beginning to turn into so much hot air.

Dont believe the leftwing rhetoric folks – Obama and his crew are trying to hoodwink America in their play for power and are seeking to cement that power through amnesty and illegals becoming voters whose allegiance (they hope) will be to the DNC.

See you on the battlefield.

Leftywing Ignorance On Display

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Today I was given a link to a Michael Savage excerpt wherein Michael takes a call from a seriously deluded lefty who is on welfare, doesnt know a thing about government finance, has no clue about taxes and income & actually thinks that Obama is giving her money from his own pocket.

This showcases exactly what I, myself, am opposed to – the disdain I feel towards people like this is not because of their skin color, economic status or anything else… it is because such people VOTE and are so ignorant and gullible that they actually believe what you’re about to hear.  You can see my disdain on RGJ as well, under the poster name “SenatorJ,” where I pull no punches with lefties and their talking points.

Take a few minutes to listen: 


Even a liberal professor cant stand the heat:


See you on the battlefield.

Quick-hit: ObamaCare Fails – In Europe

May 14, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who have followed the news recently, the federal government has reported its 19th straight month of deficits and tells America the deficit is 4X the 2009 figures.  When will America see budgetary responsibility from Obama and Democrats?

As a backdrop to this blog entry headline, evidence continues pouring in about the dangers and unsustainability of socialized medicine and bloated nanny-state government spending and efforts at societal control.   Here’s the kick-off list:

– Obama is AGAIN bailing out someone…  teachers this time, using funds in an “off the books” maneuver to keep bloated education districts and teachers unions flush with cash;

– Hugo Chavez, Prez of Venezuala, is giving the world a lesson in the ultimate failure of socialism despite his nation’s large oil reserves;

A 2005 US Intelligence Report warned that Europe would experience its current economic demise and needed to drastically cut back social spending.

– The real debt picture and how much the US needs to cut its deficits – the reality isnt pretty!

Now, the world is being exposed to the truth about the failure of the welfare state and we are now being treated to a preview of what awaits America should ObamaCare become firmly entrenched in our entitlement system.

Greece is now the first to be told it must downsize its programs AND PRIVATIZE its healthcare system in order to receive bailout funds from the EU.  The evidence is stacking up and it can no longer be denied that utopian promises of societal bliss are false promises indeed.  With our own Constitution, the government provision of healthcare, retirement and other optional “wants” are in fact very far outside the limited powers delineated in our Constitution.

See you on the battlefield.

The Myth Of “Corporate Welfare”

May 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Below is part of a conversation that I am having with Brandi Anderson, another candidate for City Council’s Ward 2 here in Reno.  One of the questions that I asked her was about what corporate welfare is, and after hearing her understanding of the issue I thought my response to her might be good for readers here to see in order to understand the matter a bit better.

This also serves as a great contrast to my conversations with Donna Graves, wherein Donna tended to avoid direct answers and remained closed about who she is and what she believes.  Brandi appears to me, for the time being (dont we all need alibi’s?), to be a candidate who is willing to demonstrate integrity and be open about who she is and what she believes. 


Now, on the issue of “corporate welfare,” I would caution you about using this as a perjorative because it is in vogue to do so.

What some call corporate welfare, is really an anti-corporation/anti-business slogan that sounds good on the surface, but its meaning is either lost or becomes irrelevant when one actually begins looking at the term and its implications. In short, it has become a battle-cry with little meaning, except to demonize business and profit.

If all things were equal around the world, such concessions (tax breaks, mostly where the feds are concerned) would be unnecessary and would be only exercised by local and state governments to entice businesses to start or relocate to their particular venues. But things are not equal, with huge cost/wage disparities the world over requiring governments at all levels to consider tax breaks and other such deals to bring businesses to their shores and localities.

What YOU ELECTED OFFICIALS need to remember is, Reno and Nevada in general are IN COMPETITION WITH OTHER states, counties and cities for those businesses.

Therefore, you will need to figure out nice tax breaks (in this economy, make them across the board is my recommendation), infrastructure offerings and other helps to get larger businesses to relocate and new ones to start HERE.

I would encourage you to do some in-depth research on what other foreign governments do to lure businesses to their shores. They figure out incorporation schemes, wage subsidies, infrastructure (roads, utilities, business parks) and other ideas to make their particular locales the most attractive.

This is how multi-national business is conducted. I know not only because of research, but I have also been in investment banking many years ago and I am well aware of the intracacies and nuances of international finance and business.

This same motiff of competition applies to businesses that operate within the United States – so Reno is in direct competition on the national AND international level to attract businesses here. Thus, elected leaders of Reno are called upon to do things to attract those businesses, so what you and others call “corporate welfare” is actually a required part of the competition process.

One of my ideas is for Reno to take advantage of, and advocate for more/better, banking and incorporation laws to attract business headquarters and generate business startups to this state. It isnt well known, but Nevada has some fairly decent bank privacy laws that when coupled with nice tax/financial enticements can generate a substantial amount of “paper” activity, to be followed up by steady brick and mortar (including internet/e-business) entities joining Nevada, and hopefully Reno. Consequently, more people will move here, more sales taxes will be collected and if Reno City Council is smart, they will live within their means and save money for rainy days like we’re having now.

This idea just above is my own, so I ask that if you use it that it be attributed to me as I have published it on my blog and my own campaign website (yes, I am considering a future run for something). It is one of those ideas which sets me apart and the attribution piece is important – the way I’ve put it is actually a copyright issue.

Anyway… there’s my two cents on the corporate welfare matter.