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Government Bailout & Seizure Of American Journalism?

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Folks, let’s face it, the last 10 days or so has seen quite a bit of rotten news and ever more dangerous ideas emanating from President Obama and the Democrats.  I have been so stunned by these developments (this topic, including the idea that Obama take over BP, for instance) that I have found it difficult to focus on any single item for my writings here. 

Instead, I have been working on a variety of topics that I will publish in the coming weeks, which I hope will bring readers some new intellectual challenge and present a fresh perspective on issues of the day.

So, with that in mind let us consider the now heretofore poisonous concept of our federal government taking over journalism as proposed by the Federal Trade Commission.  Now, keep in mind that this isnt the blatant goal of these proposals but that will be the outcome of these ideas in the long run as government seeks to implement the “Fairness Doctrine” by fiat in an effort to “save” journalism.

How will these government bureucrats accomplish the implementation of the “Fairness Doctrine” and ultimately take over journalism by default?

For the answer to this, we must harken back to what President Obama said during his 2008 campaign… redistribute wealth through the tax code to fund the underdogs by taking money from those news agencies who are successful and giving it to those who are not (i.e. those who cannot compete).   Now, zoom past 2008 & Obama’s rhetoric and stare back down the annals of history – what you will see are government attempts to control information and what ideas “The People” are allowed to see.  The USSR did it.   China does this.  North Korea does this.  Middle Eastern nations do it.  Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and their friends in various marxist-leaning nations in South America are also doing it.  In fact, any government that is afraid for itself and its survival at the hands of an informed citizenry does exactly what these nations have done and are now doing to their people.

And, wherever this government control of information and ideas is perpetrated we find tyranny and corruption to be alive and actually thriving.

Ultimately, what you will see are millions of faceless individuals who were (and are) enslaved by these supposed governmental benefactors of society, who also pretend to be perveyors of good will and so-called guarantors of equality all in the name of democracy.  

But which democracy, I wonder?   What version of democracy – one that is based on mob rule and supposed “popular vote” and the all-to-frequent ignoring of the will of The People when social justice or “good intentions” are the motivations for overruling the “ruled?”

Ladies & Gentlemen, Obama and his merry band of “do-gooders” are simply ignorant in their collective quest to create a fantasy utopia here in America, or these people are true believers in neo-marxist ideals and philosophy who are so sold out to their goals that they have been blinded to the lessons of history and good common sense.

Thus, I give you the following LINK about this issue as a call to action and to raise awareness so that you can fight to make your voice heard in an era of run-away government and freakish national self-destruction that Democrats appear to be dedicated to.   To that end I present you a quote from the foregoing link:

The conflict of interest in having the government pay or contribute to a newsman’s salary could not be more obvious. Reporters and columnists would have little incentive to offer critical analyses of tax increases that might mean a boost in the pocketbook. Once Congress has the power to fund the news, it can at any time attach “strings” designed to promote certain viewpoints – in the name of fairness, of course. Each year at budget time, the Fourth Estate would scramble to be worthy in the eyes of Capitol Hill for increased support. It is hardly a surprise that the heavily subsidized National Public Radio frequently presents issues in a way favorable to Washington’s tax-and-spend agenda.

Stay sharp, stay alert and I will see you on the battle field.


Immigration: The Lies Obama & The Leftwing Tell

May 19, 2010 Leave a comment

IMPORTANT BACKGROUND PRIMER:  Please READ THIS BEFORE and then READ THIS (Mexican Law on Immigration) before proceeding on to the rest of this article.

Mexico’s President Gets A Standing Ovation From Dems For Criticizing The United States

In my view, common sense has been heaved overboard by the Left/Progressives in order to attack Arizona’s recently passed, and amended, immigration law which is essentially a restatement of current federal law applied at the state level.  The law DOES NOT establish racist policies and police are required to follow “lawful stop” procedures and check immigration as part of normal police investigations and activities.

That’s the bottomline truth of the matter, so here is something else to consider.

Let’s assume that Sweden was our southern neighbor and that they have the exact same issues as Mexico, including a flood of ILLEGAL immigrants pouring over our borders into the United States.  Let’s further assume that we Americans are mostly “brown skinned” and that we are having the same problems with illegal Swedes sucking up tax dollars by rushing public services, taking advantage of our healthcare system and getting their children educated for free.

– Would we be looking for brown skinned people in order to fix our illegal immigrant problem?

– Do illegals have the same civil rights as American citizens?

– Is it illegal to ask for citizenship papers from anyone in America?

The answer to all three questions above is a resounding NO.  We would be looking for white skinned Swedes who cannot speak the language or cannot do so very well, we would not be seeking to protect Swedes from deportation or police contact and we would be asking “white skinned” individuals for their citizenship status during lawful police stops.

Is this racial profiling?  Maybe… assuming police are driving around ONLY looking for white skinned people to stop and question, while ignoring brown skinned people entirely.

Is it racial descrimination?  Maybe… assuming white skinned people are THE ONLY people pulled over during traffic stops, questioned on the street and/or focused on for crime prevention of all types to the EXCLUSION of all brown people.

Our police do not operate this way, ladies and gentlemen.

The Arizona law has provisions in it to protect civil rights and it is in compliance with federal law on immigration including the requirement that green card holders, visitors with temporary visas and etc carry those papers on their person at all times.   Carrying these papers is federal law for these visitors and immigrants and Arizona is mirroring federal law on these matters.

So, why the big deal and false charges by Obama, Calderon (Mexico’s Prez) and other leftwingers in America?   The real question is, what are the unspoken assumptions behind the false charges, lies, distortions and fake worry about civil rights by leftwingers.

– The DNC, through Obama & his cronies, is positioning itself for amnesty via all the rhetoric which they assume will mean most if not all of those illegals will become Democrat voters out of gratitude;

– The DNC assumes hispanic immigrants will be receivers of welfare and other entitlements, and will be afraid to lose those entitlements should the GOP gain power again;

– In looking at the voting numbers alone, a few million more democrat voters will make the difference; first in presidential elections and later as gerrymandering is perfected, for Congress to ensure that Democrats stay in power.  Thus, it is a numbers game for the DNC in their pursuit of power at all costs.

The GOP certainly is not pandering to the illegal crowd, but we also have to ask, would the GOP be above a similar move if things became dire enough?  Personally, I think the Establishment GOP would be as likely to do as the Democrats are now doing for the very same reasons – to stay in power.  The methodoligy and justifications would be different perhaps, but the ultimate goal would be the same – power, power, power.

What these people dont take into consideration is that by admitting so many people who have not abandoned allegiance to their home nation(s), who have zero knowledge of US customs or History and who have no real allegiance to our values of freedom, constitutional government and etc, we are essentially inviting a massive cultural shift to occur in America like what Europe is facing now.   We will be allowing these people to vote and shape our politics, all without any requirement that they pledge allegiance to America and hold the same basic values and appreciation for our constitutional government.  Thus, we will be inviting a sea-change to our nation in ways that our short-sighted leftwing zealots in the Democrat Party refuse to admit will happen.  And it WILL HAPPEN.

As of now, the DNC and Obama are the ones pandering to illegals and seeking to harm America with their amnesty push and lack of enforcement of our current laws.   So, they deserve our focus and outrage for violating our laws through innaction and blatant rhetoric designed to protect illegals for their own political gain – and if the GOP were doing this, I would be saying the exact same things.

SO, today we are treated with a variety of crazy stories about immigration and leftist’s efforts to shame Arizona about their immigration law and application of federal law at the state and local level.

Obama and Mexico’s Pres, Calderon attack Arizona  more VIDEO HERE.

Calderon has the nerve to tell us “Mexican citizens will be treated like criminals” in America under Arizona’s law, when Mexico does that to EVERY visitor to that nation now.  Amazing hypocrisy!

An Ohio city mayor bans city employee travel to Arizona

Illegal immigrant crossing numbers increate in Arizona

Arizona threatens Los Angeles with cutting off electricity over LA’s boycott

Barry Obama tells Calderon America “is not defined by our borders,” even though all nations are defined by their borders…

Fans ejected from basketball game due to pro-Arizona immigration law shirts being worn… yes, they were allowed to return after being harassed.

UC Berkely students went on a hunger strike, lied about “immigrants groups being under attack” and claimed they’d won something –  maybe they did, but that isnt saying anything good about them…

The fact of the matter is, recent Pew and Rassmussen polls show that the vast majority of Americans favor what Arizona is doing.  Yet, the leftwing zealots get all the press coverage from a complicit press corps intent upon backing their favored DNC buddies in Washington.

The truth is, the Democrats are willing to sacrifice America’s future on the altar of power by USING illegals to cement that power, thereby ensuring that a cultural shift will occur in America in the near future that will benefit them.  The problem is, America will then be on the road to becoming an entirely different nation because the values, allegiances and personal histories of those new voters will be far different than those of the current citizenry.

What type of future nation will America be under this regime, you ask?  Look at Venezuala and other Central and South American nations who are embracing marxism/socialism of various flavors.   These illegals are ripe for being lied and and catered to by the Leftists/Progressives here in America, who have more in common with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez than they do with America’s Founders.

Please think about this.

On a brighter note, Costa Mesa, California has declared illegals are not welcome in their city.  At least someone has some common sense.

And, a recently exposed legal memo/opinion from 2002 casts serious doubt upon Obama’s supposed legal challenge to Arizona’s newly minted immigration law.  It’s amusing how lefties have howled and promoted lies about Arizona’s law and how easily their wild-eyed claims and threats are beginning to turn into so much hot air.

Dont believe the leftwing rhetoric folks – Obama and his crew are trying to hoodwink America in their play for power and are seeking to cement that power through amnesty and illegals becoming voters whose allegiance (they hope) will be to the DNC.

See you on the battlefield.

Racism In America – It Isn’t The Tea Party Either

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The main stream media and leftwing crackpots are still coming up “goose eggs” on evidence to support their wild-eyed claims that Tea Party members, “right wingers” and conservatives are racist, radical and terrorists-in-waiting.

What bothers me the most is a vocal minority have accepted these lies about conservative leaning Americans simply because the claims are published on CNN, MSNBC and etc — without supporting evidence.  So, as sheeple are so prone to do these leftwing folks regurgitate these lies on blogs, article comments and elsewhere in the cyberworld as if they have truth on their side simply because they have said it in public somewhere.

Claiming truth and proving it are two different things.

I have REAL evidence of racism by hispanics who are members of La Raza, or The Race, who claim that the Southwest United States is their rightful inheritance and that they are entitled to “take it back” somehow.  They never say “revolt” outright and they never openly endorse violence, but they sure do endorse a communist-style “peaceful” revolution pointing to Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez as their inspiration.

Say what?

Do these people realize that communism has never been successful and that it has impoverished every nation that has tried it?  Do they not know history and the bloody path communist revolution has blazed in its quest to “liberate” the people they say they represent?  Che was a murderer and a thug.  Hugo Chavez is leading his nation ever closer to double digit inflation and tyranny.  And, Fidel Castro has brutalized and impoverished Cuba in ways Americans scarcely understand.

Dont believe me about their “agenda?”  SEE IT HERE, live and in technocolor and then read more here (will require Google translator to read) and see for yourself.

We conservatives welcome all LAWFUL IMMIGRANTS, regardless of country of origin, color of skin or other such shallow identifiers.  What we conservatives DO NOT WANT are illegals and immigrants who have not adopted America as their new nation, leaving all allegiance and national identity behind to become an American who knows and understands our history and Constitution.  No, they dont have to become experts, but they should know enough to be fully onboad with what America stands for and being an American means.

Unlike the leftists, we conservatives see people as individuals first and Americans second.  Thoughts of race and color of skin do not matter to conservatives.  We are more concerned about what goes on in the arena of ideas where our laws, national identity and future are played out in elections and legislation across this great nation.

Keep the faith, remain an Oathkeeper and remember that as Americans we are on the same team because we are to be guardians of the Constitution and protectors of our heritage.

See you on the battlefield.

Demographics Of Change – ALERT

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Islamisation of Europe – fact or fantasy?  Watch this and think about the hispanic influx into America and the implications for this nation.  If conservatives dont reach out and educate legal hispanic immigrants about freedom, liberty, American history and etc, America will go the way of Europe in due time.

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Americans Get Ready For A New Tax…

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve long warned that this next NEW TAX would be one of the planks BarryCare would need to fund the next round of entitlements so that the Marxist Democrats can usher in their utopian dream for America, ahem, I mean AmeriKa. 

In the Marxist Democrat’s mind, since Europe has it why shouldn’t AmeriKa have it too?  Afterall, its only fair that we make government just as much a drain on the American economy as it is on the economies of Europe.  So goes the “thinking” of leftist-progressive Marxist Democrat Socialists who seek to level America DOWN TO the standards of Europe and the rest of the world.

As the article from Real Clear Politics says, the Value Added Tax or VAT, is a necessary addition to fund the Democrat’s Welfare State.  Soon (within the next 1-4 years) this tax will be called for as a necessary “evil” to fund our government and the entitlements our Marxist masters have forced upon us.  My question is, will Americans let this happen too?

As the author of the RCP article points out, Obama is doing the exact opposite of Reagan in his bid to be a consequential figure in American history, because Obama cares only about himself and his place in our national memory.  This motive of Obama’s alone should cause revulsion amongst most Americans.

What Will You Do?

What is the VAT, you might wonder?  Is it a sale tax? 

Well, yes it is a sales tax of sorts but it will be ON TOP OF income taxes, state sales taxes, state income taxes and other levys already in place.  So, its impact will have an immediate effect upon incomes and the economy, an effect that most Americans will be shocked by.   And remember this:  it will start out small so the public will accept it, but it will rise quickly thereafter.

A VAT is added to a product’s cost at every level of production until it is finally sold to you.  This means that, the ultimate tax on a product that you buy could have a 20%, 40%, 60% to a 100% or more tax added to the product’s cost.  In real terms, if we have a 20% VAT (a very likely scenario) on every dollar of value this translates into a 20 cent tax per dollar spent. 

Pick the items and goods you like and have been dreaming about getting.  Add that tax on top of it and tell me what you’ll be paying.  The cost and effect upon the economy and our standard of living will be immediate and heavy-handed, that I can guarantee.

The next layer to this onion is, that the tax is applied at every point of transfer/sale in the production and retail chain.  So, by the time the product reaches the consumer the VAT will have been applied several times along the production and distribution chain,  and we all know that taxes are passed on to customers, which will raise the cost of the goods you see in Walmart, Costco and elsewhere DRAMATICALLY.

Obama said middle AmeriKa would not see any tax increases.  I think he was playing with semantics in his rhetoric and was speaking specifically about income taxes, which leaves open a VAT and other ways of collecting money from the populace.  Thus, he can “technically” claim he’s fulfilled his promises, but we all know that is a bald-faced lie based upon hair-splitting illogic designed to avoid responsibility for decisions and behavior.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you are now REQUIRED to buy insurance, subsidized probably, but you have to pay for most of it out of your pocket and you’ll be paying for healthcare AGAIN with a new VAT applied to your economic activities.  How’s that for job-killing, budget-busting taxation and insurance fees on Americans who can ill afford it?  And of course, the poorer will appeal to the Democrats for relief via yet another subsidy, and many will hear it including RINO’s who want a piece of the political action.  Where will this gravy train end?

This is the problem with Democrats and RINO’s.  They say what them mean, but you wont know what the true consequences will be until well after you’ve discovered that the person you voted for is ready to sell you out for a vote, 15 minutes of fame, a bribe from the national treasury or some other personal perk.

This brings me to the issue of INTENTIONALITY.

The Democrats will, in time, say they didnt intend to strip American’s of their wealth in such dramatic ways and they will say that their intentions were good and honorable.  Meanwhile, the economy will be crumbling and The People will be struggling to have the basics of life beyond food and shelter.  Gas will cost you a fortune.  Cars will necessarily have to become shoeboxes because the costs to purchase the types of cars we have now will put them out of reach of 95% of Americans, not to mention the fuel, taxes and operating costs that have to be covered. 

And that movie you want buy?  You will pay roughly a 40% VAT tax on it, so for a $20 movie you will be paying about an $8 tax on top of the state and local taxes you’re already paying.  Does that sound like the America you want to live in?

Democrats will cry that their intentions were good, but as I point out to my clients in the counseling office, in making choices and carrying out your behavior from those choices you are responsible for every other outcome that is experienced by you and those around you.  Intentions are irrelevant.  Consequences are the issue and you are responsible for those consequences, because in carrying our your choices in life you have to take responsibility for those consequences, known or not. 

Appealing to intentions as an excuse to avoid responsibility does not wash.

See you on the battlefield.

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ObamaCare Is About Control

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally, we get some honesty from the Demorats about what ObamaCare’s ultimate goal is – CONTROL.  Sure, they may think they’re doing “good” as most “do-gooders” do in order to justify their tyrannical choices and behavior, but the bottomline result (if not goal) is about control of The People and making decisions FOR THEM from a paternalistic authortarian motive.  Isnt this also the epitomy of Fascism?

Take a listen HERE.

Conservative minded people dont want to be bothered and they have no interest in controlling the minutiae of people’s lives.  Conservatives expect proper reverence to individuality, authonomy and the rule of law unlike Leftist-Liberals who can only think in terms of the “collective” and how they can best force their utopian dream onto their neighbors.

Enough said.

See you on the battlefield.

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Canada – What Leftists Want America To Become

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

For years marxist-leftist Democrats have claimed they are the “big tent” party and a people group who accept others with open arms… so long as you agree with them and you are NOT Christian or conservative.   Woe to you if you are Christian or conservative, as evidenced by the foul mouthed comments of Biden dropping the F-bomb at Obama’s signing of the HCR bill, and other examples of 4th grade rhetoric and similary minded insults aimed at those who dare oppose Democrats and their marxist ideology.

We have heard a great deal about some supposed comments hurled at a Democrat member of Congress just prior to last Sunday’s vote on HCR, but what we actually find is that NO EVIDENCE is to be had to confirm this accusation againt Tea Party members demonstrating outside of Congress.


Democrats will extol the virtues of Canada and often point to the benefits of Canada’s supposed accepting society and left-leaning politics.  But now, we see that Canada really isnt as accepting and tolerant as Democrats and Canadian political officials say they are.  (More HERE)

Canada has some rather interesting but dangerous laws on their books about what they term “hate speech” and bias crimes related to opinions that one may hold and utter in public venues.  The truth of the matter is, Canadian laws against devisive speech are far-reaching and very restrictive with stiff fines and even jail time for violations.

Ann Coulter

Conservative fire-brand Ann Coulter was scheduled to deliver a speech to students at the University of Ottawa Tuesday, but the speech was cancelled due to concerns that protestors and students would get violent ( LINK ).   This occured after an email from the school warned her by telling her to conduct herself with “restraint, respect and consideration” during her speech. 

Am I to understand that this is what happens in a supposedly “tolerant” socialist nation like Canada? 


Francois Houle, vice-president academic and provost at the Univesity of Ottawa also said, “Our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression (or ‘free speech’) in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States. I therefore encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here.”  Houle then added, “Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.”  LINK

So, Coulter is only worthy of threats?   The message of tolerance given by Houle is the same that Democrats promote in America, yet they fail to adhere to it when speaking so rudely and crudely about Christians and conservatives.  The double-standards are amazing!

Here’s another example of the ourageous speech and behavior of leftists:  HERE.

My fellow Americans, be warned.  We never thought that Marxism and tyranny would be foisted upon us in our lifetimes, but rest assured this sort of thinking showcased in the drama between Coulter and Univeristy of Ottawa’s VP will come to America one day.   Probably sooner than you think.

See you on the battlefield.

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