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When Democracy Dies, European-Style

A lesson for America is being played out in the European Union (EU) with regards to government debt and freedom that could lead to a repeat of the 1930’s and the rise of Hitler and the resulting spread of death and war eventually overtook Europe in that era.  Is this scenario an overstatement or simply rhetorical hyperbole designed to catch the attention of readers?  Perhaps, yes to a certain degree but largely no.

The real call to action for America is about prevention and prompt action lest we too face the same harsh choices (aka “austerity measures”) and threats of social upheaval that Greece, Spain, Germany and Portugal are now confronting. 

Are America’s Democrats even aware of these European developments as we witness ever more spending measures being offered by President Obama to tackle unemployment benefits spending, state and local government debt and the soaring costs of the Gulf cleanup and other issues sure to be brought up in the near future?  Britain and Canada will soon face the same choices as the European Union member states – cut spending or go into national bankruptcy.  This is what happens when citizens become too dependent upon a bloated, do-gooder, nanny-state government that has centralized power and decisions into its political matrix and citizen psyche.

This is what America faces if we do not act quickly to shut off government spending and bring American government back to the limited role that is called for in the Constitution, a role that worked well for America until “progressives” decided that social justice and “programs” to prop up their union and poorer constituencies were more important.

Will the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes wake up to what is happening or will they continue to slumber and demand their pound of flesh from “The People” who do pay taxes?  Eventually, everyone will pay and they will pay big in ways that they scarcely can consider now – tax hikes, higher costs (i.e. inflation) for gas, goods, services and essentials such as food and clothing.

If we continue to ignore the looming storm, America faces a very dark and daunting future that may well include a Hitler Redux (at home or overseas somewhere) if some dictator rises up and points their populace towards some villain whom they can conveniently blame for their troubles.  This is how tyrants come to power.  They, like our leftist office holders in Washington, simply pick out some faction of society to villify and demonize in order to keep attention off of leaders who are ensuring that America faces harsh uncertain times.  Is this intentional?  I do not know.   But, it is a very likely scenario and it becomes even more so with each new tax hike, new program and new bailout that Democrats can dream up.

See you on the battlefield.

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