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Leftywing Ignorance On Display

Today I was given a link to a Michael Savage excerpt wherein Michael takes a call from a seriously deluded lefty who is on welfare, doesnt know a thing about government finance, has no clue about taxes and income & actually thinks that Obama is giving her money from his own pocket.

This showcases exactly what I, myself, am opposed to – the disdain I feel towards people like this is not because of their skin color, economic status or anything else… it is because such people VOTE and are so ignorant and gullible that they actually believe what you’re about to hear.  You can see my disdain on RGJ as well, under the poster name “SenatorJ,” where I pull no punches with lefties and their talking points.

Take a few minutes to listen: 


Even a liberal professor cant stand the heat:


See you on the battlefield.

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