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Racism In America – It Isn’t The Tea Party Either

The main stream media and leftwing crackpots are still coming up “goose eggs” on evidence to support their wild-eyed claims that Tea Party members, “right wingers” and conservatives are racist, radical and terrorists-in-waiting.

What bothers me the most is a vocal minority have accepted these lies about conservative leaning Americans simply because the claims are published on CNN, MSNBC and etc — without supporting evidence.  So, as sheeple are so prone to do these leftwing folks regurgitate these lies on blogs, article comments and elsewhere in the cyberworld as if they have truth on their side simply because they have said it in public somewhere.

Claiming truth and proving it are two different things.

I have REAL evidence of racism by hispanics who are members of La Raza, or The Race, who claim that the Southwest United States is their rightful inheritance and that they are entitled to “take it back” somehow.  They never say “revolt” outright and they never openly endorse violence, but they sure do endorse a communist-style “peaceful” revolution pointing to Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez as their inspiration.

Say what?

Do these people realize that communism has never been successful and that it has impoverished every nation that has tried it?  Do they not know history and the bloody path communist revolution has blazed in its quest to “liberate” the people they say they represent?  Che was a murderer and a thug.  Hugo Chavez is leading his nation ever closer to double digit inflation and tyranny.  And, Fidel Castro has brutalized and impoverished Cuba in ways Americans scarcely understand.

Dont believe me about their “agenda?”  SEE IT HERE, live and in technocolor and then read more here (will require Google translator to read) and see for yourself.

We conservatives welcome all LAWFUL IMMIGRANTS, regardless of country of origin, color of skin or other such shallow identifiers.  What we conservatives DO NOT WANT are illegals and immigrants who have not adopted America as their new nation, leaving all allegiance and national identity behind to become an American who knows and understands our history and Constitution.  No, they dont have to become experts, but they should know enough to be fully onboad with what America stands for and being an American means.

Unlike the leftists, we conservatives see people as individuals first and Americans second.  Thoughts of race and color of skin do not matter to conservatives.  We are more concerned about what goes on in the arena of ideas where our laws, national identity and future are played out in elections and legislation across this great nation.

Keep the faith, remain an Oathkeeper and remember that as Americans we are on the same team because we are to be guardians of the Constitution and protectors of our heritage.

See you on the battlefield.

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