Bad News Just Keeps Coming

I hate to be a killjoy for my readers, however there are times when there is so much bad news and so many disturbing events that keep pushing their way to the front of the line that I feel compelled to draw attention to these things so that people are aware, and thus informed.

Today is one of those days.

At the top of the list comes more news about Obama’s continued failures on international diplomacy and military concerns – news that is of huge importance since Iran is VERY CLOSE to acquiring nuclear weapons to supplement their ability to deliver them. 

Thus, today Americans were confronted with a belligerant Iran yet again… this time on our own shores… with Ahmadinejad accusing America of nuclear terrorism and perpetrating a littany of so-called “wrongs” during his visit to the United Nations this past weekend.  Apparently American, French and British delegates left the chambers but what confuses me most is, why is this nutjob allowed to even step foot on American soil given his rhetoric, threats and blatant disregard for human rights?

What’s more, Iran was admitted to a womans human rights panel within the UN last week without a peep from America – why?  Isn’t that both interesting and disturbing given Iran’s record on such issues, not to mention the government-inspired tyranny and abuse of its own citizens that we periodically hear about?

And now comes news that our Armed Forces are not allowed to fire on Iranian forces even when they break no-fly zones above and near our forces both on land and at sea, all thanks to Obama and his capricious band of malcontents in the White House.  Given the tensions in the Gulf region and the continued barrage of threats from Iran to America, Israel and allies this is a dangerous game that Obama is playing.

What’s more, the Obama Administration continues to skitter along a path that will allow Iran to actually acquire nuclear weapons simply because Obama is too weak and fearful to use the power that America has to stop it.   Should any nuclear devices go off resulting in the murder innocents in the future, Obama and his troupe of idealogues will be to blame for allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons in the first place… simply by doing nothing about it.

In other news, we see that inflation is now at 2% for last month which I believe is the herald of things to come in the months ahead as the Feds lavish spending & mountainous debt, loose money policy and massive cash outlays to state and local governments and “too big to fail” private entities begins to make an impact.  In short, I believe we can expect Jimmy Carter-level interest rates and a corresponding risk of stagflation or a truly monumental shift downward (depression) in our economy within the next 1-2 years.

Plan – that’s all I can say.

Domestically, we see that the FTC is about to be given greater authority over the internet due to a provision that was slipped into the new Wall Street regulation overhaul now before Congress.   Thanks to Democrats, the FTC will have broad new powers to make rules about the Internet, so my question is, “why do they need this power and why do proponents have to secretly slip the provision into an unrelated bill?”  Mark my words, folks – we will see a raft of offensive rules and power grabs by the FTC in the next 3-18 months, and I dare say that Americans will likely be harmed and offended by them.

Next for the FTC power-grab, the offenses to Americans and our health rises another few notches with the introduction (by Henry Waxman D-CA) into the same financial overhaul bill, language that is sure to harm (and raise costs) American’s ability to acquire nutritional supplements and rely on producers of said supplements to transmit third party information about the benefits of ingredients in their products.  What many Americans dont know is, that the FTC and FDA have a long history of near-hate for natural food and vitamin producers who have to defend themselves against threats, fines and harassment by these agencies.

And let’s not forget ObamaCare and the LATEST NEWS out that it isn’t good, not to mention it’s unconstitutional.

And finally, we hear that Obama attacked FREE SPEECH at a graduation ceremony saying that those who bad-mouth government are bad and that they are “attacking us.”  Apparently, Obama has zero clue about the anti-government proclevities of the American public since the founding of this nation.  Such distrust is in our social fabric – it is an American value whether Obama and Demorats like it or not.

The abuse of federal power and greater limits upon our freedom to choose for ourselves is ever closer, folks.  We are seeing the expansion of the soft tyranny known as the Obama Administration and power-mad Demorats in Congress.  They have ultimate power now and we are seeing just what they do with that power when they have it – they run wild and abuse American’s freedoms in their quest to expand the role of the federal government in our lives.

Just remember, all that power and all the “good intentions” of the Democrats is for your own good – they think so and have told us so… so, that makes it so… so to speak.

Crush the Demorats next November and let’s give Obama a push out the door in 2012 while we’re at it.

See you on the battlefield.

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