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ObamaCare Wont Cut Costs – It Will Increase Them!

I have long been warning that this would be the case, and now I can report that I (and others) have been vindicated by a report issued by Obama’s own Health and Human Services Department.

As I read the report and other concurring news articles, I was reminded of the endless claims by Obama, Reid and Pelosi about how their vaunted ObamaCare bill would be a boon for consumers saving them money and expanding care to many otherwise uninsured individuals.

But now, as predicted, we find that the empty claims of Obama and the left will actually result in what I and others have been predicting all along – higher costs, lowered quality of care and less supply of care:

• 1% rise in overall costs for consumers, which is a conservative estimate as the current Medicare cuts are not realistic nor sustainable;

• These warnings about Medicare cuts will become a major political liability for Democrats;

• The Obama Administration complains that these estimates “low ball” the actual savings, when history indicates that government has consistently understated costs by a factor of 9 times;

• Medicare cuts are predicted to drive 15%, or more, of hospitals into debt and jeopardize access to healthcare for seniors;

Somehow in all the discussions and statements, there appears to be a hidden assumption by Obama and his band of do-gooders that the money spent by Americans for insurance and healthcare services is somehow money better spent by government.   Considering governments abysmal record of cost cutting and efficiency, this is a laughable claim at best.

Watch for more analysis to come which will shed light on the ObamaCare health scam in ways that will reveal even more problems for Democrats, who have a habit of over-promising and under-delivering where their grandiose schemes are concerned.

See you on the battlefield.

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