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Obama Fixes Jobs Numbers – Gets Caught

Just when we thought that the Obama Administration couldnt get any more mundane and desperate, out comes this wonderful gem of a story highlighting how the White House has manipulated the employment numbers to “fix” their lying claim about “jobs saved or created” from their Spendiculous bills.

The number they’re trying to fudge?  7 MILLION JOBS…

Read all about it HERE.

Then read about how Obama has skewed their magical job graphs HERE – this sort of manipulation is digusting and wholly unethical.

Now read about the newest Dog-and-Pony-Show the Obama Adminstration is trying to foist on America about spending HERE.

Will this get any mainstream press time?  I doubt it.

People, start shouting to the rooftops about these games and lies from our anti-American lefty Democrats now in power.  They have no shame nor scruples left.

See you on the battlefield.

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