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On Jobs, Dems Get It Wrong – Always.

Democrats waste a lot of time talking about jobs and creating them.  Why?  While reading THIS ARTICLE, it becomes clear to anyone with a pulse that Democrats desire to pay for roads, school building projects and artificially propping up state and local government budgets as a means for spurring economic activity are based upon false assumptions.

What’s their false assumption?  That a “trickle down” effect will occur (remember that Dems have ridiculed Reagan’s trick-down economics – which worked by the way) in spending on roads and government services somehow.

In short, Democrats think that sustained economic growth will happen by expanding government, an entity that produces nothing in and of itself like private businesses do.  In fact, government is a drain on the economy because it takes from the pockets of consumers and bank accounts of businesses  a variety of fees and taxes that are better used in business expansion, hiring, investment and starting of new businesses. 

Private business builds wealth – government erodes wealth.

This is something Democrats (i.e. leftists/progressives) just cannot seem to get their minds around.  And somehow, these same people seem to think that taxes actually help create economic activity using some interesting intellectual gymnastics and subtle syllogisms to pretend they have a legitimate economic belief.

If someone can explain to me where I am wrong, I would sure like to see how the innane thinking of these progressive leftists make any sense at all.

See you on the battlefield.

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