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Nearly Half Of Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax

Get ready.  This issue is at the root of the coming battle between Americans (brought about by Marxist-Nanny-State Dems and RINO’s) about which direction America takes – socialist/nanny-state or a return of the Feds to the constitutional role of a limited central government.


The issue is this:  40% of Americans actually get payments from the Feds in the form of tax credits that exceeds their tax liabilities – this means the Feds are paying these families and individuals, which is literally a form of welfare that is under the radar of most pols and pundits.

As this number grows, resistance will grow to limiting government because so many will be benefiting from this HIDDEN WELFARE PAYMENT SCHEME, and they will not want to give this cash benefit up.

Beware folks!  Big Brother is on the move to sieze more power, more funds from taxpayers and steal more freedom from individuals under the guise of “doing good” for the masses.  This is clearly Marxist ideology disguised as “progressive” policy, to be blunt.

This is not the America I wore the uniform for.

See you on the battlefield.

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