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ObamaCare – The Aftermath Begins

I am still bewildered by the thinking that pervades the American Left (aka Progressives) who think that The People are entitled to the services that individuals in the healthcare field provide on a fee for service basis.

Nowhere is this so-called “right” enshrined in the Constitution, the Federalist Papers or early American history.  It is a fabrication of the statist progressives of America and their marxist cohorts in Europe who think government should control these services.  Somehow, in their minds it is as if the government is doing the providing, when the fact is it is individuals who sacrifice their time and money to gain the knowledge in order to practice medicine.

So, I have to ask again simply from a logical standpoint – “how is it that people believe people are entitled to the services an individual provides on a fee-for-service basis, and how can these people be morally right in forcing healthcare practitioners to provide these services in the manner government proscribes, for the fees government dictates and engage in the business of healthcare only in ways some bureaucrat deems appropriate?”

Does anyone have a logical, legally and morally based answer to this question?  I know the leftist do not.

I can provide A VERY LONG LAUNDRY LIST of reports and articles outlining the problems of government-run healthcare in Canada, the UK, Europe and elsewhere.  The lack of care, the rationing, the absence of cutting-edge treatments, limits on access to the newest treatments and medicines are rampant in these nations IF YOU ARE VERY SICK.   If you only get a cold, break a finger or something minor these systems work very well.   However, for the seriously ill in those nations the numbers of people who come to America for cutting edge treatment and easy access to healthcare further emphasize the troubles visited upon citizens subject to socialized medicine.

And lets not talk about added economy-busting taxes that are coming….

Not only will America experience the same troubles as Canada et. al., but America will likely encounter a doctor shortage similar to nations who have adopted socialized medicine as their preferred modality to delivering healthcare.  ARTICLE

The People did not want what the Democrats forced on us and I do not think the Democrats will survive the next few elections because their nanny-statist beliefs require progressives to believe “they know better” than The People about how to handle their lives.  I hope people wake up to this reality:  anyone promising to make life better for you with gifts (services and funds) is seeking power and notoriety only for themselves.  Such will destroy this nation and The People, in the end.

See you on the battlefield.

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