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Donna Graves – Ward 2 Candidate

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

[NOTE:  See the update section within the body of this post for up-to-the-minute discoveries and other newly revealed happenings.  If new or contradictory information is discovered, this entry will be re-written and/or replaced in the near future]

I have to report to the good citizens of Reno about a recent exchange of messages that I had with Donna Graves, candidate for city council, Ward 2. 

When I first saw her Facebook page I thought, “Excellent – a chance to talk to someone who may get into office about substantiative issues and see just who a person is before we decide to cast our votes.”  I then went to her campaign website HERE to review what her ideas are and find out more about her.

Donna Graves, Ward 2 Candidate

On her website and Facebook pages, we find the usual claims about not being a career politician and, disturbingly, I also noted half a dozen “ideas” some of which were laced with the usual “progressive” ideas about corporate welfare and bailing out home owners who are upside down on their debt-to-value ratios.

I then posted the following at 1 pm today on her Facebook site, with the first 3 paragraphs on her Wall section:

Donna, truthfully – and I dont mean to sound combative – but what I am reading seems to indicate that in you we wont have much different than the current crop of council folks.

Consolidate?  Good.  Be proactive in cutting spending, such as the private building lease vs. putting the public servant in a city owned property (does the city property meet code?  Is it habitable?  What upgrades would be necessary to occupy city property and etc?).

 The point of the matter is government must not become a burden to the citizenry. 

Unfortunately, we have far too many people in elected and unelected positions who front for agendas and ideas that cost money, are not truly helpful and create more government bloat and waste.  Talk of “finding revenue” will be a deal killer in my book and my sentiments are shared by many people it seems to me.

If my practice were at a different place I’d have run for Mayor, but for now I’ll have to be content with darkening the doorway of city council meetings IF I SEE the usual shennanigans happening in our city leadership from here on out.  Like so many others, I am tired of the political games, the spending sprees, obscene grandiose ideas and fanciful political schemes that are so typical of politicians, GOP, DNC or otherwise.

I would also suggest that you declare your party affiliation and state your political philosophy up front, so that voters can fairly evaluate who you are and what you bring to the table of ideas. 

In looking at your website, two things catch my eye which lead me to believe you lean democrat, and in my view, simply present more of the same ideas from the DNC perspective: 

1) “end corporate welfare” – this has been used by democrats as cover using hyperbole to bash corporations, when in fact most corporations in America are small businesses owned locally – so really you’re attacking small business and making US-based businesses weaker and less competive where costs are concerned globally, regionally and nationally; and 

2) “Support assistance to middle class home owners” – first, where do we get the money for this?  Second, where is it written that government must bail out private individuals due to market changes, mistakes they’ve made and etc?  Third, where does the Constitution, state or federal, or our city charter state that government is to shoulder the risk in people’s lives & insulate them from those risks?

The proper role of government must be observed, Donna.  Your ideas, at first blush, appear to ignore such “proper role” considerations and seemingly put you in danger of being another tax-happy official elected to “do something” by the citizens.  The problem is, history is proving such tax-happy / spend-happy policies are unsustainable.

What did I get in return?  At 1:14 pm today here’s a message she sent to me:


My election is like no other. Our wonderful city is in a crisis it hasn’t seen in over 20 years. Our budget has been mishandled and we need leadership, leadership that can make tough decisions. I run the largest multi-family complex in Northern NV. It takes a firm backbone to do the work I do. This experience has given me the knowledge of multi-million dollar budgets. I speak about gaining revenue, because in these times we can not rely on federal grants. We need to cut costs and gain revenue at the same time. We need to ensure that the services that run our city and the services the tax payers pay for are in tact. Laying off 300 people in the last year does not give us those services. I am not a career politician. I am an experienced business woman that IS the right choice for Reno. I hope that you continue read about me and my ideas for Reno.

Donna Graves

I have since sent several messages to her asking for more information and to address the points that I made in the discussions section of her Facebook campaign website.  I’ve gotten nothing back AND WHEN I WENT BACK TO HER FACEBOOK SITE I discovered that my Wall Post and Discussion comment above were both deleted!!!!!!!!

Here’s what she said at 2:19 pm today: 


There are other ways to cut the budget other than laying people off. We could have asked for furloughs which would have saved us on unemployment. There is more to laying people off than just saving money. It actually doesn’t save that much. The jobs they did have to be done by someone. And then on top of paying their wage we have to pay the unemployment. My views and ideas are simple. Reno needs leaders who think about our future. We need to look ahead and not be so short sided. Putting out budget “fires” isn’t they key to a sustainable community.

You truly made no real comments on my site. If you ask me question on my site, I will answer them.

** What’s more, when I try to post questions on her FB site, she deletes them.
*** I’ve posted questions HERE for her to answer – so far, they’re still there.
**** 4/28/10 – Donna has responded to SOME questions HERE.
**** 4/28/10 (
close of business time) – Some associates of Donna’s have contacted me with more information about her and about her goals.  DEVELOPING!!!!!!!!


She claims to not be a career politician, yet she acts just like one when confronted with tough questions and requests for clarification about her ideas and political philosophy.

QUALIFED VOTE FOR/AGAINST RECOMMENDATION:  Thus far, I have to conclude that NO ONE should vote for this candidate due to her refusal to address comments, questions and requests for additional information about who she is and what she believes.   Due to her website ideas, comments and lack of response thus far, I have to conclude she may believe government is the answer to social ills, economic problems and that government should rescue people from the results of bad luck and bad choices.

Time will tell on how this develops.

See you on the battlefield.

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Obama Lies… No Taxes Pledge & GM Trickery Exposed

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Another prediction comes true – Obama does in fact intend to levy European-style VAT taxes upon Americans, saying he “is open” to the idea.  He wont admit this yet, but in due time he will accept this inevitable conclusion after giving the appearance of having explored all other options to cover his political backside.

Mark my words.

As I have written before in another blog entry, this European-style tax will add taxes to every step of production resulting in approximately $8 for every $20 spent on goods.  And this MAY NOT even include state and local sales taxes. 

So, that $20 DVD you’ve been wanting will cost you $28 dollars if Obama has his way.  This gives Obama and his Democrat do-gooders tons of cash to continue spending America into oblivion, which in turn will crush the American consumer and further erode our economy.

In other news, GOVERMENT MOTORS and the Obama Administration tried to pull a fast one on taxpayers today!  In a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Senator Grassley said, “The bottom line seems to be that the TARP loans were ‘repaid’ with other TARP funds in a Treasury escrow account.  The TARP loans were not repaid from money GM is earning selling cars, as GM and the administration have claimed in their speeches, press releases and television commercials.”   Read more HERE.

The truth?  Obama and GM are lying.

Folks, it’s time to get serious about our future and and finally come to grips with what it means to constantly elect “progressive” (i.e. leftist) Democrats and corrupted RINO’s to represent us, The People.  It means we pay, they play and America becomes a little bit less than it was the year earlier.

Kick the bums out!

See you on the battlefield.

ObamaCare Wont Cut Costs – It Will Increase Them!

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I have long been warning that this would be the case, and now I can report that I (and others) have been vindicated by a report issued by Obama’s own Health and Human Services Department.

As I read the report and other concurring news articles, I was reminded of the endless claims by Obama, Reid and Pelosi about how their vaunted ObamaCare bill would be a boon for consumers saving them money and expanding care to many otherwise uninsured individuals.

But now, as predicted, we find that the empty claims of Obama and the left will actually result in what I and others have been predicting all along – higher costs, lowered quality of care and less supply of care:

• 1% rise in overall costs for consumers, which is a conservative estimate as the current Medicare cuts are not realistic nor sustainable;

• These warnings about Medicare cuts will become a major political liability for Democrats;

• The Obama Administration complains that these estimates “low ball” the actual savings, when history indicates that government has consistently understated costs by a factor of 9 times;

• Medicare cuts are predicted to drive 15%, or more, of hospitals into debt and jeopardize access to healthcare for seniors;

Somehow in all the discussions and statements, there appears to be a hidden assumption by Obama and his band of do-gooders that the money spent by Americans for insurance and healthcare services is somehow money better spent by government.   Considering governments abysmal record of cost cutting and efficiency, this is a laughable claim at best.

Watch for more analysis to come which will shed light on the ObamaCare health scam in ways that will reveal even more problems for Democrats, who have a habit of over-promising and under-delivering where their grandiose schemes are concerned.

See you on the battlefield.

Obama Fixes Jobs Numbers – Gets Caught

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Just when we thought that the Obama Administration couldnt get any more mundane and desperate, out comes this wonderful gem of a story highlighting how the White House has manipulated the employment numbers to “fix” their lying claim about “jobs saved or created” from their Spendiculous bills.

The number they’re trying to fudge?  7 MILLION JOBS…

Read all about it HERE.

Then read about how Obama has skewed their magical job graphs HERE – this sort of manipulation is digusting and wholly unethical.

Now read about the newest Dog-and-Pony-Show the Obama Adminstration is trying to foist on America about spending HERE.

Will this get any mainstream press time?  I doubt it.

People, start shouting to the rooftops about these games and lies from our anti-American lefty Democrats now in power.  They have no shame nor scruples left.

See you on the battlefield.

Left-leaners Lie About The Tea Party Movement

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Is lying now a national pastime and virtue? 

If you know the truth and you listen to leftists and Democrats, you’ll see that whether they are politicians, pundits or simply a “man on the street” the lies and caricatures promoted by the HATEFUL LEFT are founded upon allegations and urban legends.

Did I say “hateful left?”  I sure did.  Why would I say this?  America has witnessed this small faction of American political thought pump out the most outrageous vile charges against Bush, conservatives and Tea Party members.   For examples read more:  HERE  /  HERE  /  HERE

What sort of charges and rhetoric?  Nazis, racists, “evil mongers” (Harry Reid), violent radicals, dangerous ideas, threats to our nation and other hate-inspiring messages – that’s why the leftists/progressives are hateful… they hate any ideas or people who dare oppose them.  In fact, I would say that these same leftists are more prone to violence and bringing harm upon their opponents than conservatives are. 

Where is the evidence for these charges against conservatives?  ANSWER:  It is nowhere to be found, yet. 

But, leftists have confirmed they will try to create it, on their own.  Thus, we are sure to see leftist individuals try to infiltrate conservative groups and tea party activities in order to taint these same groups and CREATE FALSE EVIDENCE that leftwing charges against conservative groups are factual.  I am NOW seeing such behavior on various websites, chat forums and in comments left by “readers” of online newspapers.   Read more HERE and HERE.

What astonishes me the most is, when I encounter people in person and on other websites where comments can be traded, I see that some actually believe the hype against conservatives simply because some “source” like DailyKos says so.

Leftists know they have no logical arguments to stand on.  They know their ideas are bankrupting this nation, but they do not care, which I think makes leftists far more dangerous to our Constitution and this nation.  These people are willing to mortgage our future and sell out to fantasy ideas of utopia and government freebies to satisfy their own wants and needs at the expense of the producers in American society.

So, when you hear things like “50% of Americans think they are taxed about right,” consider that 47% of Americans dont pay any federal taxes at all, and that the additional 3% of people reporting taxes are “about right” are on the lowest end of the tax rates.  So, naturally this 50% of America is going to give a thumbs-up to current tax rates.  They pay nothing or next to nothing in the first place.

Furthermore, as America listens to the caterwauling of the Democrats and leftists about this “taxes just right scam story,” we also see that more Americans than ever now say they dont trust government – what gives?   LINK

Please, think about what is best for our Constitution and national future instead of your own momentary needs and wants.  Obama and Democrats are willing to try anything to sell America on what they have to offer, but what this group of miscreants wont tell you is that their ideas have failed the world over and lead to mediocrity and shared misery when all is said and done.

See you on the battlefield.

On Jobs, Dems Get It Wrong – Always.

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Democrats waste a lot of time talking about jobs and creating them.  Why?  While reading THIS ARTICLE, it becomes clear to anyone with a pulse that Democrats desire to pay for roads, school building projects and artificially propping up state and local government budgets as a means for spurring economic activity are based upon false assumptions.

What’s their false assumption?  That a “trickle down” effect will occur (remember that Dems have ridiculed Reagan’s trick-down economics – which worked by the way) in spending on roads and government services somehow.

In short, Democrats think that sustained economic growth will happen by expanding government, an entity that produces nothing in and of itself like private businesses do.  In fact, government is a drain on the economy because it takes from the pockets of consumers and bank accounts of businesses  a variety of fees and taxes that are better used in business expansion, hiring, investment and starting of new businesses. 

Private business builds wealth – government erodes wealth.

This is something Democrats (i.e. leftists/progressives) just cannot seem to get their minds around.  And somehow, these same people seem to think that taxes actually help create economic activity using some interesting intellectual gymnastics and subtle syllogisms to pretend they have a legitimate economic belief.

If someone can explain to me where I am wrong, I would sure like to see how the innane thinking of these progressive leftists make any sense at all.

See you on the battlefield.

Demographics Of Change – ALERT

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Islamisation of Europe – fact or fantasy?  Watch this and think about the hispanic influx into America and the implications for this nation.  If conservatives dont reach out and educate legal hispanic immigrants about freedom, liberty, American history and etc, America will go the way of Europe in due time.

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