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Americans Get Ready For A New Tax…

I’ve long warned that this next NEW TAX would be one of the planks BarryCare would need to fund the next round of entitlements so that the Marxist Democrats can usher in their utopian dream for America, ahem, I mean AmeriKa. 

In the Marxist Democrat’s mind, since Europe has it why shouldn’t AmeriKa have it too?  Afterall, its only fair that we make government just as much a drain on the American economy as it is on the economies of Europe.  So goes the “thinking” of leftist-progressive Marxist Democrat Socialists who seek to level America DOWN TO the standards of Europe and the rest of the world.

As the article from Real Clear Politics says, the Value Added Tax or VAT, is a necessary addition to fund the Democrat’s Welfare State.  Soon (within the next 1-4 years) this tax will be called for as a necessary “evil” to fund our government and the entitlements our Marxist masters have forced upon us.  My question is, will Americans let this happen too?

As the author of the RCP article points out, Obama is doing the exact opposite of Reagan in his bid to be a consequential figure in American history, because Obama cares only about himself and his place in our national memory.  This motive of Obama’s alone should cause revulsion amongst most Americans.

What Will You Do?

What is the VAT, you might wonder?  Is it a sale tax? 

Well, yes it is a sales tax of sorts but it will be ON TOP OF income taxes, state sales taxes, state income taxes and other levys already in place.  So, its impact will have an immediate effect upon incomes and the economy, an effect that most Americans will be shocked by.   And remember this:  it will start out small so the public will accept it, but it will rise quickly thereafter.

A VAT is added to a product’s cost at every level of production until it is finally sold to you.  This means that, the ultimate tax on a product that you buy could have a 20%, 40%, 60% to a 100% or more tax added to the product’s cost.  In real terms, if we have a 20% VAT (a very likely scenario) on every dollar of value this translates into a 20 cent tax per dollar spent. 

Pick the items and goods you like and have been dreaming about getting.  Add that tax on top of it and tell me what you’ll be paying.  The cost and effect upon the economy and our standard of living will be immediate and heavy-handed, that I can guarantee.

The next layer to this onion is, that the tax is applied at every point of transfer/sale in the production and retail chain.  So, by the time the product reaches the consumer the VAT will have been applied several times along the production and distribution chain,  and we all know that taxes are passed on to customers, which will raise the cost of the goods you see in Walmart, Costco and elsewhere DRAMATICALLY.

Obama said middle AmeriKa would not see any tax increases.  I think he was playing with semantics in his rhetoric and was speaking specifically about income taxes, which leaves open a VAT and other ways of collecting money from the populace.  Thus, he can “technically” claim he’s fulfilled his promises, but we all know that is a bald-faced lie based upon hair-splitting illogic designed to avoid responsibility for decisions and behavior.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you are now REQUIRED to buy insurance, subsidized probably, but you have to pay for most of it out of your pocket and you’ll be paying for healthcare AGAIN with a new VAT applied to your economic activities.  How’s that for job-killing, budget-busting taxation and insurance fees on Americans who can ill afford it?  And of course, the poorer will appeal to the Democrats for relief via yet another subsidy, and many will hear it including RINO’s who want a piece of the political action.  Where will this gravy train end?

This is the problem with Democrats and RINO’s.  They say what them mean, but you wont know what the true consequences will be until well after you’ve discovered that the person you voted for is ready to sell you out for a vote, 15 minutes of fame, a bribe from the national treasury or some other personal perk.

This brings me to the issue of INTENTIONALITY.

The Democrats will, in time, say they didnt intend to strip American’s of their wealth in such dramatic ways and they will say that their intentions were good and honorable.  Meanwhile, the economy will be crumbling and The People will be struggling to have the basics of life beyond food and shelter.  Gas will cost you a fortune.  Cars will necessarily have to become shoeboxes because the costs to purchase the types of cars we have now will put them out of reach of 95% of Americans, not to mention the fuel, taxes and operating costs that have to be covered. 

And that movie you want buy?  You will pay roughly a 40% VAT tax on it, so for a $20 movie you will be paying about an $8 tax on top of the state and local taxes you’re already paying.  Does that sound like the America you want to live in?

Democrats will cry that their intentions were good, but as I point out to my clients in the counseling office, in making choices and carrying out your behavior from those choices you are responsible for every other outcome that is experienced by you and those around you.  Intentions are irrelevant.  Consequences are the issue and you are responsible for those consequences, because in carrying our your choices in life you have to take responsibility for those consequences, known or not. 

Appealing to intentions as an excuse to avoid responsibility does not wash.

See you on the battlefield.

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