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You Say Obama & Dems Are Not Socialist??

Everytime I hear the denials from progressives of any stripe that Obama and Democrats are promoting socialism, I have to cringe.  The mounting evidence indicates that believers in and practitioners of socialism-marxism can be identified through their statements and corresponding involvement in pro-socialist/marxist groups as well.

Change you can believe in?

If there is any doubt about the socialist/marxist agenda emanating from within the White House and Congress, we now have Fidel Castro welcoming America to the socialist fold ( HERE ) and video from an Obama advisor and personal friend, Cornel West (Links:  1  2  3), that can be seen HERE

West was a guest speaker at the 10th annual Young Democratic Socialist conference (Their Website), which took place at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan, a school named after an American socialist activist. 

Make no mistake, this group and others like it are clearly socialist/marxist and they are strong supporters of unions as exemplified HERE, and they have clear designs on the younger members of American society.

These People Arent Kidding, Folks. CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION.

At this conference, West clearly and succinctly declared that socialism has a future in America due to what Obama and the Democrats are doing.  Interestingly, West calls himself a non-marxist socialist only because of Marx’ opposition to faith and theology.  If you have reviewed the foregoing links about West you can clearly see what this man stands for.

The company we keep matters.  Obama has surrounded himself with people who think like West does and still Democrats / progressives deny the clear connections and marxist trends of Obama’s rhetoric and democrat policies.

The Democrate / progressive denial is amazingly pathological and obvious to any objective observer.  More commentary HERE.

Look at the flyer to the left for the 10th Annual Conference – click on it – and look at the smaller writing.   They are advocating for RADICAL CHANGE and they are backing Obama and always have.   In my mind the evidence is clear.

Stay informed and remain vigilant.

See you on the battlefield.

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  1. March 26, 2010 at 5:01 am

    Indeed, but they try to deny it – amazingly enough and it is still stuns me that they can be that ignorant and short sighted.

  2. March 26, 2010 at 4:47 am

    Only naive fools can honestly believe Democrats and Socialists are not one and the same now.

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