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ObamaCare Is About Control

Finally, we get some honesty from the Demorats about what ObamaCare’s ultimate goal is – CONTROL.  Sure, they may think they’re doing “good” as most “do-gooders” do in order to justify their tyrannical choices and behavior, but the bottomline result (if not goal) is about control of The People and making decisions FOR THEM from a paternalistic authortarian motive.  Isnt this also the epitomy of Fascism?

Take a listen HERE.

Conservative minded people dont want to be bothered and they have no interest in controlling the minutiae of people’s lives.  Conservatives expect proper reverence to individuality, authonomy and the rule of law unlike Leftist-Liberals who can only think in terms of the “collective” and how they can best force their utopian dream onto their neighbors.

Enough said.

See you on the battlefield.

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