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The Lies Dems Told To Sell ObamaCare To Themselves

Lie #1:  One of the most common claims Democrats made, was that insurance companies routinely denied claims, while extolling the virtues and benefits of Nanystate ObamaCare-sylte healthcare. 

Lie #2:  I wont get into the details of the “uninsured numbers lie” that Democrats told (first, 47 million, then 32 million), which is a made up number markedly up from the actual 10-15 million who fit the “uninsured or uninsureable” category.

Lie #1 Details:  What the Democrats forgot to tell you, the public, is that the Medicare (our lovely gubmint option) has the HIGHEST DENIAL RATE of any insurer.  If this had been show-cased, along with the literal hundreds of reports of low quality care, denials, inability to treat and sub-standard service of Canadian, UK and European healthcare systems the American public would have been even more up in arms about ObamaCare.

For your reading pleasure:

Payer Count of records Denied records Percent of claim lines denied Date range
Aetna 637,239 43,317 6.80% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
Anthem 250,070 11,546 4.62% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
CIGNA 263,728 9,060 3.44% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
Coventry 20,487 590 2.88% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
Health Net 4,975 193 3.88% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
Humana 143,026 4,142 2.90% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
Medicare 6,938,431 475,566 6.85% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008
UHC 1,127,691 30,177 2.68% 03/01/2007 – 3/10/2008


Lie #3:  Estimated costs are far lower than the actual costs will be. 

Read HERE and then READ THE FULL REPORT about the table provided HERE in order to see just what the budgetary problems of ObamaCare really are likely to be.  If the history of Medicare is any indication, the $900 BILLION they claim (the correct number is actually $2.4 TRILLION) will likely grow to $21.6 TRILLION.  Add this to our $107.4 TRILLION in entitlement liabilities (link here) , including the projected $20 TRILLION in govt operations debt (half of which will be added by Obama alone) and we are looking at an eye-popping estimate of $141.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in FUTURE DEBT. 

With a total estimated GDP of $14 TRILLION, roughly $2 Trillion of which comes to the Feds in the form of tax and fee revenues, we have absolutely no hope of ever paying this off let alone sustaining spending for defense and other national needs.  If you listen to Democrats however, they point to the GDP as an unlimited piggy bank that they can tap into as if they have the power to take it all with no consequence for The People or this nation.

As usual, the Democrats have over-promised and “under-told” the actual facts in order to justify to themselves the passage of their healthcare scam for AmeriKa.

Fire them all and be sure to back only fiscal conservatives in the next election and those that come after – our future as a nation depends on how you vote.

See you on the battlefield.

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