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What’s Next For The Demo-tyrants?

Obama and Demorats have made their deals, horse-traded votes and gotten “goodies” to seal their ObamaCare scam for AmeriKa, sealing our fate to become a socialist nation complete with high taxes, rationed care and an eventual federal takeover IF CERTAIN PROVISIONS ARE ALLOWED TO SURVIVE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGES.

The Distress Signal Is Given

Will the nation change tomorrow?  No.  Will we sink into an abyss next week?  No.

What is coming will take some time to actually be felt and experienced – starting with an economic slip (or crash) brought on by higher taxes and other government regulations.  But the real impact wont be felt until 2014 when the programs start to be implemented and after the massive bureaucracy associated with ObamaCare has taken form and beings its “work.”

This means 159 new agencies will be developed, staffed and empowered to impact your life.  How’s that for control and meddling in your life?  LINK

The next new fight will be over immigration reform, which Democrats hope to benefit from by making instant citizens of millions of illegal immigrants whom the DNC hopes will be a supplemental voting block for the Demorats in 2012 and beyond. 

The Reno Gazette Journal has already printed a PUFF-PIECE basically promoting the idea, contrary to the sentiments of a vast majority of Americans who are in opposition to it.  LINK

You see, the Demorats have no intention of letting their ObamaCare “victory” get quashed so they intend to bolster their supporters by millions through unconscionable efforts to pass amnesty.  The Demorats hope to be viewed as “saviors” of illegal immigrants who they believe will become life long Democrat Party members.

This will be the next battle, with a concurrent battle to be fought on Global Warming legislation, known as Cap and Trade (aka Cap and Tax).  This effort will include a very focused effort to drastically cut our military because Demorats believe America has been unjust and imperialistic rather than a protector of freedom and the free world.

It is likely the Demorats will succeed in these efforts as well, as they drive themselves over the cliff of reason and into the abyss of hellish relativism and self-congratulatory bliss.  The “gift” to America will be more social division, less freedom and less individual opportunity for success & the attainment of wealth and a better life. 

The Democrat Party has demonstrated it has no intention of listening to voters and they believe The People will develop amnesia as the public has historically done, in order to snatch victory in 2010 and 2012.

Will you forget what the Demorats have done to this nation and will you forget how they ignore the will of The People to force their utopian dream upon America?

I hope not.

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