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Nevada – Fire Reps Berkley & Titus next November!

U.S. Reps. Dina Titus and Reps. Shelley Berkley of Nevada have announced they’ll vote for the ObamaCare bill, giving President Barack Obama more support for his top priority.  LINK

The real travesty is, these two clowns demonstrate that they have no clue about our Constitution and that they are complete SCRIBES for Obama, Pelosi and Reid as evidence by the following quotes from a recent RGJ article:

Shelley Berkley - Offender #1

Berkley said the bill’s centerpiece — making health insurance available to 32 million uninsured Americans, including 460,000 in Nevada — was a shot at controlling medical costs in the long run.

** “a shot at controlling medical costs?”  Who are these people kidding?  It’s that “hopey changey thing” all over again – just look at my prior post “By The Numbers” which shows she’s lying or ignorant, or both.  HOW CAN NEVADA pay for this huge number of people????  ANSWER:  We cannot.

“I believe with all my heart the current system is unsustainable,” Berkley said. “The cost of health insurance is skyrocketing. I just made a decision that although this is not a perfect bill there is more in it that was good for the people I represent.”

** Party Before Country, in her allegiance to Obama!  In other words, her beliefs trumps the facts and she is counting on people not challenging her FEELINGS on the matter – a hallmark of utopian marxist foot soldiers who have no thought of their own, AND she clearly is not listening to The People of Nevada.

Dina Titus - Offender #2

Titus stressed consumer-friendly provisions of the bill, saying it’ll improve coverage for Nevadans who already have health insurance and extend coverage to thousands more uninsured in the state.

** Medicaid is what will be tapped and what Titus forgets or simply does not know is, that Nevada will be on the hook for a large portion of these costs on top of an already cash-strapped budget.

 “The public is demanding this,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We have carried this for a year. The president is making it his agenda. I think it is time to get busy.”

Titus spokeswoman Andrew Stoddard said her offices in Washington and Henderson received more than 1,000 calls this week and they ran about even for and against the bill.

Likewise, Berkley spokesman David Chery said calls to her offices ran in the hundreds, with the breakdown being “close to even

** How can an even split in for/against calls be equated to Nevadans “demanding this?”   And, why should we believe the Titus or Berkley claims on the breakdown of the calls when Democrats have lied to us all year about this issue?  

My fellow Nevadan’s, here are two more individuals who need to be shown the proveribal door after selling out America and Nevadans to make Barry Obama “look good.”  

That was actually an argument Obama used to help sway waffling Representatives – help Barry look good and dont kill his presidency.  Can you believe that Obama would be so self-centered and egotistical that he had the stones to actually pitch this load of crap to people as a reason to vote for HCR???????

The man has no care for The People, but he sure has an eagle eye open to help himself and care for his legacy.  Is that really presidential?  No.  It’s pathetically selfe-serving and so unpresidential that I am wholly embarassed by this man’s conduct and motives!

As I have previously demonstrated, the HCR bill WILL NOT save any money and it will cost us far more than any Democrat is willing to admit. 

Titus and Berkley have demonstrated very clearly that they do not care about constitutional restrictions upon the Fed, and they are very clearly less intellectually capable than us average folk who do not want this monstrosity of a bad bill.

What’s more, this duo demonstrates they are followers rather than leaders and that they are cowards rather than following in Nevada’s tradition of individuality, courage and independence.

Please, do us all a favor – vote these two bums out in November!

See you on the battlefield.

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