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ObamaCare, By The Numbers

The Great Oz-Obama

UPDATE:  Here’s more on the expose’ of ObamaCare – it’s a list of travesties and assaults upon Americans and our Constitution to be sure:  See HERE


My fellow Americans, the ObamaCare disaster is coming closer – if it passes here is a brief “drive-by” of what it means to you and what you MUST be aware of:

  1. ObamaCare will force Americans, i.e. YOU, to buy insurance at a yearly cost for a family of 4 of somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000 a year.   LINK
  2. The CBO process has been so thoroughly “gamed” (aka manipulated) by Democrats, to the point that what the CBO has to say anymore is virtually worthless.   LINK
  3. New total spending:  $1.5 TRILLION for a supposed grand total of $2.4 TRILLION over 10 years (should we believe this “estimate?”)
  4. New taxes:  $500 BILLION
  5. Timing gimmick: 10 years of taxes combined with 10 years of Medicare cuts to deliver 6 years of “benefits
  6. Timing gimmick:  March 2009 baseline is used instead of the March 2010 baseline in order to hide the true costs
  7. Double-counting of funds:  Social Security, Class Act revenues, Medicare cuts, all of which actually equate to more than $433 BILLION increase in the deficit, not a reduction as claimed by the Democrats
  8. Hidden spending:  $70 BILLION in spending to implement the program for the IRS expansion, NHS expansion and etc.
  9. So-called Doc-fix:  This is a separate bill costing $371 BILLION to address the 21% cut in Medicare reimbursement that was scheduled to go into effect
  10.    For items 3 to 9, see this link HERE for more details

The truth of the matter is, America will be creating a gigantic new entitlement program in the midst of an economic crisis AND as America is forced to consider how to pay for Social Security, Medicare and other UNFUNDED entitlements totaling more than $107 TRILLION DOLLARS.

How is America to pay for all this?  Look at the US Debt Clock and ask yourself how can America possibly shoulder all this debt and survive????

Democrats are bankrupting America and they are perpetrating literal financial crimes upon The People… and for what?  In many ways, Republicans share the blame for setting America up for this so we must not turn a blind eye to the GOP’s past antics and policies as the run-up to what we are seeing now.

Stay strong, get involved and remember what America stands for.

See you on the battlefield.

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