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Calling All Patriotic Americans Who Value Liberty

Please read THIS article which outlines the added IRS power to collect healthcare fees and fines under the new ObamaCare Plan.  PLEASE NOTICE THE COMMENTS by readers, the vast majority of which indicate outrage and reactions that are downright rebellious and daring the Feds to come after them.

I too feel as those readers do who reject what the Democrats are doing and what the HCR bill represents (i.e. tyranny, unconstitutional government, federal intrusion and etc) and what it does to The People (makes us slaves to the Feds, violates our individual rights and etc).

Although we may feel we are justified in a violent response, I must caution against this and ask that people NOT resort to violence unless it is absolutely necessary and all peaceful efforts have been totally and completely exhausted.  We must show we are a “cut above” the riff-raff of the left and conduct ourselves beyond reproach even though our off-the-cuff comments and feelings may hearken back to our Revolutionary Days and struggle for independence. 

Hold on to those ideals and feelings, but aim them at more honorable means of accomplishing what needs to be done.

Patriotic Americans must value honor, integrity, truth, fidelity and “doing the right thing” above momentary feelings of outrage and astonishment because Democrats would resort to unconstitutional actions to carry out their diabolical plans.

Here is what I suggest that we do:

1)  Mass civil disobedience and non-compliance, including legal challenges at every step and on every concept, effect, statute and enforcement effort by the Feds;

2) Lobby your state representatives, state Attorney Generals and Governors to pass laws enforcing the 10th Amendment, denying the Feds the lawful means to levy fees/fines upon citizens and prohibiting Federal funds collection activities within the state (to include Internet and etc).  Call your local/state representatives and “get in their faces” about this and demand that your state legislatures stand against this illegal and unconstitutional Federal expansion of power;

3) Strengthen the Tea Party membership in your local area – attend meetings, discuss plans, ID people to elect who are staunch Patriotic Americans and not the “progressives” or RINO’s we’ve come to see as a constant centerspiece in society;

4) Get involved in the DNC and GOP parties and demand that the leftist progressives leave – take power from these people.  THIS IS NOT A PARTY ISSUE ANY MORE, this is an American issue of liberty, freedom and the operation of a lawful constitutional government;

5) ID the perpetrators of leftist progressive ideas in the Main Stream Media / Press and wherever they are found in local SCHOOL BOARDS, City and County government and etc.  Attend meetings, be respectful but do not be timid either – confront these people, write your local papers, confront reporters who slant their coverage in pro-progressive/leftist ways… we must call these people out and MARK THEM publicly;

6) Educate yourselves and others about America’s history, including giving proper credit to FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and repeatedly point out that it is this economic system that has created the Great America that we once knew.  This step includes finding out what is being taught in your local school classrooms and fighting the leftist-progressive ideas that are being taught to our kids;

7) Elect state and local representatives who are truly beholden to our Constitution and principles of liberty and all that America has represented in the past.

The foregoing requires attending meetings at every level, including participating in party politics, which I too do not relish but I see it as essential to fixing our current political dysfunctions.

Get informed, understand the issues, discern the motives of leftist/progressives, understand how to argue effectively with them, understand American history, know what Rules For Radicals (Saul Alinski book) is all about and apply those same principles to this fight.

And yes, it is a fight.  It is a fight for the very future of this nation because it is a fight with forces who have harmed American from within. 

These leftist-progressives are the political equivalent of Marxist terrorists who have begun to assault this Republic in ways that most of us thought impossible 5-10 years ago.  These “terrorists” have planned and maneuvered for a very long time, and they have infected our nations youth with false ideas of marxism and ccreated an entitlement mindset that we cannot allow to remain unchallenged.

I will be doing my part and I hope you will join me.  And I must again remind everyone, violent resistance is the absolute last action to be taken and then only after all peaceful means have been utterly and wholly exhausted (which will take some years to arrive at).  Everyone must answer to their conscience if ever some federale comes knocking on their door, so think things through and consider the larger implications of irrational emotional reactions that might come before all peaceful means have been exhausted.

Let us be the examples of honor, fidelity, reason and “doing the right thing.”

See you on the battle field (political battle, that is)

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