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The Jobs Bill That Isn’t

Today, the US Senate has passed the new “jobs bill” that is touted as one of a string of so-called fixes to the economy (read about it here). 

Barry & Dems See Themselves As Our Saviors.

Here’s what it does:

1) Gives employers a payroll tax “holiday” for new hires and a paltry $1,000 if the employee(s) remain employed for 1 year (the caveat:  “Taxpayers will have to reimburse Social Security for the lost revenue”);

2) Extends unemployment, again;

3) Gives $20 Billion to spread around the states for road and transportation projects.

The bill also purports to extend some other tax breaks for investing in equipment and other things.  However, it still fails to address the main issue – true JOB CREATION.

Employers have to have a reason to hire and government wanting them to hire is not a reason to hire new employees.  This is the circular reasoning that Statist neo-marxist leftists engage in.  They think that if government wants it and spends for it, “it” should happen, but that isn’t how the economy and business works.

First, there are business and investment cycles.  These are very important for ensuring that our economy remains sound because these cycles cut out the unproductive, the frail and weak and also eliminates the unwise businesses who have overextended themselves or taken risks they could not cover.  We need this cycle keep things strong.

Leftists want a smooth yet robust economy and see the only way to accomplish this is by empowering government to control the economy.  This is an unwise and impossible task, and one that the Constitution does not allow for. 

Moreover, leftists simply want government to eliminate risk and protect people from bad decisions.  My question is why and under what authority does this belief come from?

Second, business needs stability in the laws under which they operate.  Leftists rely upon the Law of Man rather than the Rule of Law (aka the Constitution, established Statutes and common sense).  The problem with this is, the Rule of Man is ever changing and dependent upon the moods and whims of politicians and the general public.  No business can adequately forecast their future needs, let alone hire new employess without stability and a true economic need to hire.

Third, all the ideas about “infrastructure spending” and other New Deal Era ideas is far off the mark.  This is not how businesses are created nor how they expand.  Congress would be better off simply giving largish chunks of cash directly to the largest block of producers in this country – small businesses – instead of this endless spending, debt creation and wrong headed ideas about government’s influence upon private decisions and business operations.

We have another wave of mortgate resets coming and by the end of this year we should start to see the impact of the coming commercial property problems upon the economy.

It’s only going to get worse, folks.

See you on the battlefield.

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