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Eradicate RINOs, Starting With Dawn Gibbons

I read with mild interest in the RGJ that Dawn Gibbons is going to be starting a new 30 minute “inside scoop” politics show weekday mornings, starting in April sometime.

My eyes popped open and my blood pressure rose when I saw what she said about Obama, Reid and even Bill Clinton.  Here’s what gave me the indigestion from the RGJ blurb:  In the interview with Elfman, Gibbons — a Republican — called President Barack Obama “a brilliant man” and a “great president” and she praised Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Harry Reid, calling Reid “a wonderful public servant.”

Have these RINOs lost their collective minds?!?!?!? 

* Obama and his band of thugs, with Pelosi & Reid in the lead, are ruling America from the left and are even now trying to use unconstitutional measures (i.e. the Slaughter rule) to get their HCR bill passed;

* Reid has recruited a mealy mouthed Tea Party candidate to split the vote so he can win and even played dirty politics against Brian Krolicki;

* Pelosi & the DNC are ignoring ethical lapses within their own ranks, including back-room dealings, sweetheart deals for their cronies and etc.

Now we have a self-proclaimed GOP member saying these people are great, wonderful and etc!?!?!?   I hope what she is taking or smoking is worth the distorted world view it’s creating and isn’t costing too much to keep her mind foggy and confused.

The GOP needs to marginalize and reject these individuals and clean up the Nevada GOP so that we have a consistent party populated by individuals who are clear on the principles of the founding of this nation, federalism and what the Constitution actually says.   The GOP needs to find it’s moral and ideological roots again and STICK TO THOSE PRINCIPLES regardless of the opposition and what the so-called mainstream media might say.

The GOP will not be able to accomplish a resurgence with people like Dawn Gibbons and Bill Raggio in our midst who call for moderation, a big tent approach and continually give ground in the ideological fight to save this nation from the progressives of America.

I will see Dawn and Bill in the months and years ahead and I will tell them the same things in person and I will push to have them marginalized and ignored – until they publicly and consistently recant their “big tent” ideas and neo-progressive beliefs.   This isn’t about “hate” or anything of the sort.  It is about pushing the GOP to find clarity and focused purpose, which means rejecting the very things that have undermined the credibility of Nevada’s GOP in the first place.

See you on the battlefield.

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