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Obama Wants To Change Poverty Scale

In an effort to equalize outcomes and potentially OPEN UP MORE ENTITLEMENTS (read: bribes) to The People, Obama plans on changing our poverty scale to one of comparing your living standards (income) to that of your neighbors rather than on the pure purchasing power a greenback has.

Teleprompter-In-Chief: I'm the Decider now - so, here's how it's going to be!

I see this as providing allowance for wiggle room either in rhetoric (increasing class warfare & negative feelings between Americans) or by opening up the public coffers (bribes) to yet more Americans.  Let’s face it, taking advantage of people’s innate ability to be jealous and greedy is a powerful weapon in electoral politics and congressional brinkmanship.

For example, for those of you who live in California who are making $100k per year might still be considered living under the poverty level which would entitle you to the same “bailouts” someone making $20,000 would get.  If this isnt bribery under cover of rhetoric, I dont know what is.

The Commerce Dept has issued a press release on this change saying, this “new measurement will complement but not replace existing statistics.”  Yeah right.  Stated more clearly, this new measure is another tool in the Marxist-Leninist toolbag to issue another hue and cry against the wealthy over income INEQUALITY in order to create more divisions amongst The People.

The ethics of this change is stunningly situational, blatantly wrong in its intentions and wholly irresponsible considering how spend-happy Obama and the Demcrats are these days.   The explanations about the change makes it appear somewhat more “real world” in terms of expenditures and other costs, however the result of this statistical game will mean that Obama and Democrats will have an intentionally created falsehood to perpetrate upon The People.  It will become another stick for the Leftist-Progressive Democrats to use against the so-called “rich” and The People to further inflame jealousy and greed between people groups.  The group politics progressives are willing to engage in to win and keep power is stunning and deeply disturbing. 

Political power is a funny thing.  Our Founders knew about human nature and the dangers of an all-powerful goverment, which is why they fashioned the Constitution the way they did to provide a check on human nature.

More commentary about this topic can be read here

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