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Harry “Dead-Beat” Reid Recruits A Tea Party Candidate

Senator Reid has been in office 24 years too long, in my opinion – where is his shame and sense of deceny?  A recent story broke a few days ago on Foxnews about Reid hoping for a third party candidate to split the conservative / GOP vote in Nevada, and today we discover that a third party candidate has indeed stepped forward ( read more here ).

Reid Prays For "Salvation" In 2010

Is this a credible charge?  I think so:  “No doubt about it”, says Danny Tarkanian, one of the many Republican senate candidates hoping to challenge Reid in November. “Nobody in the Tea Party knows who he is. He didn’t know any of the principles of the Tea Party,” Tarkanian tells CNN. He even accuses “Harry Reid’s staff, campaign, whatever” of picking Ashjian because he’s Armenian, as is Tarkanian. He explains, “They know the Armenians are very close they’ll vote for each other.”

I too was considering such a third party run,  however, upon deeper consideration I deemed it a vote-splitter just as Reid was hoping for which could very likely mean Reid wins by a narrow margin.  I was simply not willing to allow this to happen “on my watch,” so I ended all activities to put myself on the ballot for Reid’s seat. 

This new guy may be a genuine candidate or he may not be, I dont really know.  What I do know is he doesnt appear to be a serious candidate and that by these appearances and the odd timing of his coming forward just days after the Foxnews story, I am suspicious indeed.

Reid isn’t above such chicanery as evidenced by his (unproven) apparent derailment of Brian Krolicki via false charges being leveled by our democrat Nevada AG – these were recently dropped.

Keep watch Nevadans – Reid and the DNC are without shame or scruples.

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